The Best US Slots Casino Sites for 2020

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Spending a lazy afternoon happily flicking wagers at a top casino site is many gamers’ way of spending a perfect iGaming session. Out of the majority of products, there’s one that takes a special place in the heart of all patrons, including yourself. We mean none other than the real money slots that come with countless possible storylines, special features and innovation that reshapes the industry month after month.

There are specific reasons as to why these games are so readily accepted:

  • Slots are fun & easy to play
  • The majority of promotions apply to slots
  • You can learn the game in fun & safe modes
  • There are thousands of excellent choices
  • Life-changing jackpots are always part of the offer

The overwhelming variety of available products will certainly give you a bit of a fright, but don’t you worry! Our dedicated slot reviews will help you pick the best games on the market. We’ll help you go further, though, by teaching you to be self-sufficient in your choice of games!


Wild Casino

Best for Player Experience
Welcome Bonus: 100% up to $5,000
  • Generous Welcome Bonus
  • Over 150 Games by Betsoft and Nucleus
  • Accepts a Variety of Cryptocurrencies

Sports and Casino

Welcome Bonus: 300% up to $500
  • Mobile Friendly Casino
  • 300% Match Bonus Available
  • Games by Rival and Betsoft


Welcome Bonus: 200% up to $5,000
  • Large Welcome Bonus
  • Impressive slots libary
  • Tournaments available to enter


Welcome Bonus: 150% up to $200
  • 300+ Great Casino Games
  • Mobile Friendly
  • 24/7 Live Support

Bovada Casino

Welcome Bonus: 100% up to $3,000
  • Large Variety of Casino Games
  • 24/7 Customer Services
  • Long-Standing Reputation

How to Pick Fantastic Real Money Slots

Several real money slots.

Pick some of the top-notch slots available today!

We take a look at fantastic real money slots and their importance to the entire iGaming industry. We’ll go into detail and explain why certain titles and studios are better. Our experts know how to help you understand return-to-player (RTP) rates and how to benefit from the tempting bonuses. With thousands of available games, we can proudly say that we have played the bulk of those! Our team are no strangers to the latest treats, too, so you will have the excellent opportunity to learn from the best!

Understanding the Slot Symbols

The best real money slots are in fact quite easy to understand. Studios have opted for a simple formula and they have stuck with it for over a decade now. The essence of every slot boils down to choosing how much a single coin is worth and then how many coins you want to stake on any given (and available) payline. Translating this into money, you can wager as little as $0.50 all the way up to $120, and more. It depends on how the casino and developers have agreed to adjust the limits.

Expanding wilds feature in Starburst slot.

What will the expanding Wild bring the lucky player?

Beyond that, you have to deal with a handful of symbols. Most commonly, those are the Wild and Scatter Symbols. You have one Wild that can assume any role to complete a winning combination. A popular feature is the Expanding Wilds, which can trigger cool features such as re-spins.

Scatter Symbols are mostly used to unlock the bonus level. There’s usually one Scatter per game, but some projects are a little more ambitious and have two Scatters. A Wild cannot substitute for a Scatter, but it will have your back in any other scenario!

Determining the Value of Your Winning Combinations

Exploring the paytable in Starburst slot.

Study the game on your own time and without a worry.

Each slot will come with its own unique paylines. We will talk about the average pay-out you will get with specific titles, and more importantly – how to understand it better than the majority of gamers out there. In the meanwhile, we recommend you to benefit from the paytables available with each game. Read them and apply this knowledge in the fun play mode, so as to have hands-on experience on how the game really works.

Don’t Miss to Check for Game Diversity

When you start looking for a great place to spin the reels, you most assuredly cannot be wrong if you try and choose the ones that offer the plumpest selection of games. This way, you will have sufficient options to enjoy and learn from. Most gamers agree that one of the determining factors in their final choice of real money slots casinos is how many of these games there are.

Different real money slots at a casino.

Pick the title you like best!

After all, you want to make sure that the casino where you will commit your money can offer you a hand-picked platter of titles. From NetEnt’s iconic adventure-style products to Playson’s intricate plots and amazing bonus levels. Diversity is essential if not crucial to having a good time, but also to turning a profit out of your efforts.

An offer can be as modest as a few dozen slots and as tantalizingly overwhelming as hundreds of slots. It will always come down to how developed the slot section of your casino is. Some do well with just the select few of titles, but these titles come with brilliant features, such as:

  • Excellent RTPs
  • Brilliant bonus level
  • Progressive bonus feature
  • Secreted levels and ways of making a profit

While you are looking for variance, do check if the titles you have on your hands meet your needs and criteria for excellency. Let’s have a look of what other features determine whether the venue offering real money slots is up to your and our own standards.

Real Money Slots Casino Bonuses Not to Miss!

All casinos love slots just as much as you do! This is not at all surprising since they generate the biggest excitements for the players, and the reason for this is simple – Jackpots. BIG Jackpots. It’s enough to get everyone enthralled and trying to luckily land the winning combinations.

Naturally, it all boils down to pure chance. To help you along the way, casinos have decided to use a simple bonus system that will top off your bankroll and get you started!

The Available Casino Bonuses

Each casino will hook you up with a welcome goodie. This is a bonus offer specifically designed to encourage newbies to try their luck. If you hanker for fast-paced bonus action, you are in much luck indeed, too!

The majority of promotional treats will cater to the slot lovers. Rookies will benefit from several types of bonuses, each more useful than the last:

  • Free play
  • Free spins
  • No deposit
  • Reload
  • Matched bonus

All of these have their quirky upsides and mild drawbacks. But as long as you heed our advice about proper bankroll management and how to make a smart choice in picking a bonus, you will be safe, and hopefully – richer.

You will notice that free spins are rather common at most casinos. However, they may not apply to all real money slots available. This shouldn’t discourage you from playing all the same. If anything, those free spin bonuses are allocated precisely to allow you to experience the newest titles that developers themselves put out on the market. Gaming today provides you with distinct opportunities to play without risking your own money. You should definitely take advantage of that.

Understanding the RTPs – Slots That Pay Off!

Here’s our quick crash course on RTPs and what they mean for you. RTPs are the advertised rates that a casino will pay out at the end of the day, unless you defy all statistics and manage to pull off quite a few successful bonus levels! Managing your bankroll well is also part of the equation of being successful, of course.

Slot interface at a casino.

The best RTPs will guarantee you a solid profit.

You will notice that the average percentages advertised these days are around 97% which is an excellent percentage. In real terms, though, this percentage can plummet all the way to around 90% but it can easily go well beyond 100%. It all depends on what you end up with on the reels. The real 97% only apply after hundreds or even thousands of spins.

If you see that it’s a slow day for you, don’t be too quick to stake big money. Similarly, even if things are going splendidly, you may want to hold back on any substantial wagers that exceed half of your bankroll, for example.

The Best Real Money Slots are Mobile

If you love slots as much as we do, then we’re sure there have been plenty of times where you’re away from your home and you’ve wanted to pop on for a quick spin or two. Well, thanks to the ever-increasing availability of mobile slots, you can do just that.

All casinos we recommend are completely curated to support impeccable mobile experience for all slot lovers. You can just pop onto the website version of the casino and get down to business with a few clicks. Alternatively, you can opt for real money slots via dedicated mobile apps, which tends to give you a little more variation when it comes to the choice of slots.

Ways to download casino apps.

Download the iOS and Android native apps for convenience’s sake.

While the mobile apps might give you a little more complete experience, rest assured that both the instant play (browser version) and downloaded software will share the same level of functionality across the devices you use. Pick whichever you will, you will be quite content with your final choice.

Hitting a Jackpot!

A way real money slots really pay off is by hitting the jackpot. These sums may vary from a few hundred US dollars at a time to several millions! The eye-watering sums are quite common in fact and a desired treat, too. They will stilt the RTPs grossly in your favor, but careful now, because triggering a bonus level in Mega Moolah is not as simple as it may seem, as you will need to play at your maximum bet continuously.

A selection of progressive jackpots.

Pick your progressive jackpots!

At the same time, Jackpot games have become so famous that there are loads of them right now and casinos have dedicated tabs just for them. Admittedly, since there are so many Jackpot slots all sharing the same prize pool, this has somewhat reduced the maximum accumulated jackpot prize. However, this also means that players are hitting the big wins more frequently, and we consider this to be a fair trade-off.

Plunging into the Storylines

The best real money slots these days are no simple affairs. There are entire studios that have focused on building a more video-game-like slots, meaning you get not only to spin the reels, but watch cinematics, develop a character and even get some real action in slots such as Aliens.

Opening a secret level in Gonzo’s Quest slot

Gonzo’s Quest, its iconic character and the secret level.

The sophistication of the slots hasn’t impacted how easy they are to play. With the freshened graphics, excellent cut-scenes and multi-linear scenario allowing you to choose your own gambling path, adding plot to money slots has become tantamount to succeeding as a developer!

As a gamer, you will certainly only stand to benefit from the variety of options and scenario. More importantly, as you become aware of the internal cogwheels of slots, you can make demands as to the quality of the games you end up playing, which will rake in more profit!

Real Money Slots Are Worth Your While

With real money slots, there’s always a risk. You will be staking your money and hoping to reap hypothetical benefits. And yet, because slots are so diverse and have quite a few tricks to them, you can soon channel the chancy spins and make them work in your favor. Familiarize yourself with the real money slots without any rush.

The excellent bonuses will always be there for the taking. So why not spend some time learning the games in the free play mode first and then hitting the best titles with the full heft of your bankroll!