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Top 10 Adult Party Card Games for 2023

  • Written By Samantha Browne
  • Edited
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Nothing kills the mood like a party that has suddenly run out of things to offer besides food & drink. However, a solution is always at hand with the list of 10 adult party card games that we have prepared for you.

And while card games may seem as the perfect way to tone down the party, they are in fact an entertaining activity that can take surprising twists. In fact, there are some games, such as strip poker, for example, that can turn pretty sultry.

Yet, we are here to cover the whole range of wacky and thrilling games that will bring the life in even the most lethargic party!

1. Blackjack

Nothing quite excites as a battle of the wits with a classic game of Blackjack. Especially if you had a few drinks beforehand. But even if you haven’t, blackjack can be much fun among a group of friends.

Blackjack Adult Card Game
The classic casino game loved by all

Whether you play for fun or even decide to quickly raise the stakes through the introduction of minor stakes, Blackjack will always cut it for you. You can even raise the stakes by adding a few extra decks in the shoe and see how this pans out.

It really depends on what your company is down for. While the card game can be a whole lot of fun when played in private and among friends, there are tons of great online versions you can experience firsthand whether;

  • Blackjack Switch
  • MH Blackjack
  • Double Exposure
  • Blackjack Surrender
  • Pontoon

The game has so many incarnations these days that it often fills the portfolios of online casinos and you can see examples of such casinos on our Blackjack page

2. Cards Against Humanity

Who says that when you go to a party you got to be on your best behavior? Not in the slightest. In fact, there is a card game for adults that is designed specifically for horrible people.

cards against humanity party game adults
Fill in the blanks with the best or worse card possible

And this is where Cards Against Humanity comes in quite handy. Designed by the namesake Cards Against Humanity LLC., this game is definitely not for those who avoid naughty words on principle.

You see, the entire concept of the game boils down to one black card being drawn out of a deck and a rather inappropriate statement being read out loud only to be completed by each player who holds a selection of white cards.

And so, a black card could read anything from:

  • Our relationship is strictly professional. Let’s not complicate things with _______.
  • Because you enjoyed _______ we thought you’d like _______.
  • I am not a racist or anything, but I really don’t like _______.

Granted, a person who starts a statement with “I am not a racist,” most certainly is headed for a disaster.

Then again, the white cards used as fillers can be quite innocuous by the look of it, such as “Lady Gaga,” “Republicans” and “William Shatner,” but things could quickly spiral out of control with somewhat more robust language such as “A mime having a stroke” or “Daddy issues.”

Granted, this game has an appeal, but it must only be played with people who wouldn’t not feel hurt or offended by the quite colorful language in the game.

A word to the wiser, what we say and do actually affects other people.

3. Strip Poker

Now, strip poker is definitely a great substitute for Cards Against Humanity. You see, strip poker is very saucy in its nature, but in still a rather good-humored way.

Strip Poker Adult Card Game
A saucy game of poker where your chips are your clothes

If you don’t mind sitting around in the nuddy, then there is nothing wrong in playing your cards well to get someone out of their pants.

Adults do love that and a more intimate party among friends can quickly become even more fun. Yet, once again you need to make sure that everyone’s onboard.

After all, you don’t want to scare some of your more conservative friends. Yet, strip poker is really easy to arrange, as what you stake will be your clothes.

Some base rules always help, such as what the size of the stake is going to be like. A typical set-up goes along with carrying out the following preparations:

  1. Find a bunch of friends open to the idea
  2. Set a value for each stake and piece of clothing
  3. Ask if players want a limit how far the game can go
  4. Make sure to bring your good sense of humor!
  5. Drinks often help ease into a game of strip poker

That’s about it. Even though it’s definitely not something to talk about in the office, a game of strip poker can be quite refreshing and a whole lot of fun.

After all, there is nothing we should be ashamed of when it comes to our bodies.

4. Texas Hold’em

Now, Texas Hold’em is a game of cold calculation. You can still play in an amicable environment, but we love the game because it removes the “naughtiness” or “inappropriateness” other games suggest.

Texas Hold'em Adult Card Game
Texas hold’em a game of wits and out playing your opponents

Au contraire, Texas Hold’em is all about being smarter than your opponents and playing your hands well.

True, not everyone considers this to be entertaining, but even if you are a bit too shy to bring out real money and stake that, you can still entertain yourself a fair bit with any mock-up currency.

In fact, you can even only bet chips. There are many elegant options for poker chips you can snatch at a good price and even teach rookies poker. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a bit of a challenge, there are tons of cardrooms online that offer cool options, such as:

  • 7 Stud
  • Omaha
  • Texas Hold’em & other

Poker is without a doubt the defining card game for adults and it easily excites quite a bit of interest, no questions asked.

5. What Do You MEME?

This card game is thankfully an adult game that doesn’t strike as particularly saucy, and let’s face it – that is a relief! What Do You MEME is actually a nice game that doesn’t go out of its way to be overly uncivil.

What Do You Meme Adult Card Game
For those of you up-to-date with MeMe world

Now, this adult game does contain some robust wording that you might want to keep in your mature circle of friends and keep children out of it. Yet, at its essence, What Do You MEME is a youthful invention.

Captioning funny or as it were “meme worthy” images with clever texts that successfully capture and resonate with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide is more than a fad. In fact, it might be a literary form akin to the haiku, but minus the need for artistic beauty.

In this card game you will get to match captions to images and come up with new memes – or regurgitate time-proven favorites.

The game is quite diverse and once again – it can quickly become very inappropriate if you buy any of the expansions, such as “Stoner Pack” and “Basic Bitch Pack.”

If you choose to go with this one, please make sure everyone is on board and there are no children around you.

6. Red Flags

Red Flags is a cool adult card game that doesn’t have to do much with the traditional concept of card games. Yet, as a real party game, you can find quite a few reasons to opt into this title nevertheless.

Red Flags Adult Card Game
A card game about dating, what could go wrong?

The game itself is all about loosening up, bucking social decorum and even prying away a few secrets from fellow players. For example, you will find out who is single (although you probably knew already) and then leave the person who has been on the most dates go on first.

As you can imagine, this is a game about dating. You will draw from a deck of white cards to combine the perfect date for the single person.

But first appearance – while sticky – quite often lie. You see, the red card will be your real RED FLAG that will reveal some quirky or downright unpleasant quality about a person.

Once a person picks their perfect date and see what bad quality the theoretical hook-up has, though, they will have to defend them and convince others why the date is not a bad idea at all.

7. Video Poker

Video poker is a bit of a loner’s business, but nevertheless, the game holds huge entertainment value. Not least because it offers a very decent return when you think about it.

Video Poker Adult Card Game
A casino staple in all different shapes and sizes

In fact, some video poker pros argue that you can play optimally and even bag over 100% return on your bet. While this could be an immediate hook for some players, it’s good to know that only a very few people in history have made a decent living out of playing video poker.

The tempting offer aside, video poker is one of the best card games you can play as an adult. It has a great return and a nice learning curve and wiggle room to master a strategy and theorize about it.

8. Joking Hazard

Another gem of modern ingenuity, Joking Hazard is definitely a game that adults would take fondly to. You see, the concept is quite straightforward. You are handed out cards that you use as comic strips to create the best story.

Joking Hazard Adult Card Game
Who knew making a comic strip was so easy!

Often, though, these stories will venture into the territory of saucy jokes and even black humor, so it’s always a good idea to make sure you stick to the 18+ label use of this card game.

It takes only three players to start playing, which makes it a perfect game to play at even the most modest party into a major rager. There are 360 cards to pick from as well, so turning even the least imaginative scenario into a somewhat funny short illustrated story shouldn’t be too hard.

Of course, there is always a few things to factor. First, the game is quite enjoyable, but you also need to acknowledge that not all cards might be to the taste of everyone present. For instance, someone might put together a strip that says “I have cancer” with “Awesome” as the inapt response.

While to some this is funny, it could bring back painful memories to others.

Yet, the game is called Joking Hazard for a reason.

9. That’s What She Said

A game of twisted innuendos. That is definitely no way to celebrate the International Women’s Day unless, through some strange arrangement, the ladies present in the party give you the go-ahead. Now, as most other similar games, you will have a main card that will serve as a baseline.

Thats what she said Adult Card Game
Pick your twisted innuendo in That’s What She Said

Your goal is to come up with a hilarious comeback by using one of the white cards in your hands. There are a whole lot of options to pick from. For example, you have “Texts you regret texting your ex after midnight,” to which the answers can be quite a few, such as:

  • Are you ready to run a marathon?
  • It’s time to feed my bunny
  • I’ve got a collar and some Beggin’ Strips

They are indeed twisted innuendos and they are not necessarily always as punchy as the designers might have hoped for. Yet, this game is still a major hit with people who really enjoy themselves going through those “punchy” lines and even players who usually keep decorum might secretly have a copy.

Besides, if it’s all as part of a social gathering with your close friends, and you are all alright with the rules outlined in the game, there’s no harm in playing a quick one of That’s What She Said.

If you come to regret it, just scupper the whole thing and pick something else!

10. Pick Your Poison

At least in this game, the humor is self-denigrating, which is better than throwing stereotypes around. Now, in Pick Your Poison, you will pick from all sort of wacky situations. The game can be a little too much to some people so make sure you aren’t forcing the game on some of your friends first.

Pick Your Poison Adult Card Game
Whats your Poison? Your Judge will decide

Outside of that, there are a few milder, even though equally embarrassing situations, such as Would you rather… “Google publish your search history” or “Show up to work on Monday in only a bath towel.”

Things might get a little inappropriate after these two, so keep that in mind.

Samantha has a passion for all things casino, especially for the development in new slots games and technology. She has a background in psychology and loves to study strategies behind gambling in her spare time.