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Responsible Gambling

Casinosites.us is here to ensure that you are aware of some of the inherent risks that gambling entails. Through our Responsible Gambling initiative, we become part of the broader opposition against unhealthy gaming practices. We want you to have the best possible experience, but for a certain number of us, it’s easy to tip from a hobby into unhealthy addiction. Our experts will help you by offering several tested pieces of advice & recommendations. In addition, you will find the contact information of helpful non-profit organizations who are ready to assist should you ever find yourself a victim of compulsive gambling.

Recognizing Compulsive Gambling

Many people fall in the trap of overspending and then developing an addiction. Gaming is fun and money flies out of your bankroll without you even realizing it. Coming to a point where your hobby has become a problem is sometimes difficult to analyze and identify without outside help. Therefore, make sure to check if any, or all, of the following applies to your situation:

  • You stake more money than you can afford to lose
  • You are playing with other people’s money or obtaining additional funds in a risky or illegal way
  • You keep playing even after you have won big
  • You lose sleep in thoughts about gambling
  • You start lying to friends and family about what you do
  • You are depressed as a result of your gambling habits

Naturally, gambling addiction is strictly individual, but there are these existing common symptoms that help experts diagnose people with the problem. Seeking help is important and quite easy today. There’s absolutely no stigma attached to being a gambling addict as there is none to falling victim to other forms of addiction. Besides, treating the problem is not that difficult at all as long as you are willing to try.

Tackling Gambling Addiction Head On

Addressing the problem will require your cooperation, but once you have decided to move past the issue, there are simple ways to go about it. If you are trying on your own, don’t be – there are help lines with specialists who are aware of what the issue is and will help you from the moment you contact them.

But if you prefer to try by yourself at first, that’s also fine. Every casino should have a self-exclusion scheme, which means that you can put you own daily limits. If this is not applicable, you can drop customer support a message and tell them to impose internal breaks on how much you can gamble a week. This way you will be sure to never tempt yourself over a certain threshold where your hobby becomes a financial problem.

If you feel you need to go absolutely off the grid, you can do that by suspending your account – temporarily or permanently. In our experience we’ve seen gradual ween off work better. Remember that if you enjoy the games, you can actually play in free mode, while keeping score for yourself (which will help you see as an outsider what gambling does to your bankroll – i.e. whether it adds to it or subtract).

And once you have tried everything by yourself, but still feel that temptation is close at hand, do make sure to contact any of the following NGOs and charities. They are free and dedicated services that have helped thousands of people around the world who have had similar issues of various degrees:

It makes no difference where you are based. The responsible gambling charities and organizations will always have your back. And so will we at casinosites.us.