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Best Baccarat Casino sites for 2024

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Baccarat is one of the casino games operators don’t really push to their front shop window and this is easy to comprehend. This French classic comes with a thin house edge and a great opportunity for the players to bag some good money. There is an edge to the game and casinos know that a savvy player could turn their bets into staggering wins. Yet, for you to be successful, you will need to find the best Baccarat casino sites out there. We have made sure put a list of the top places where the game is available and the gaming conditions are just right:

But you will find more about the game here, not only the prime venues you can enjoy it. Discover how Baccarat is played and what the different variants are. Have a quick look through our comprehensive strategy section.

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Sports and Casino

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Where to Look for the Best Baccarat Online Casino?

This one has always been a bit of a puzzler, but CasinoSites.us holds all the right answers. After trawling the world wide web for the best possible casinos featuring Baccarat, we finally have a definitive guide to the venues you want to visit yourself.

Forget about ever playing at a disadvantage, and reap the fruits of choosing the right casino, such as a great portfolio of bonuses, loyalty rewards, and generous versions of the classic game.

You will be able to play from home and on the go, and all you need to do is pick a casino that keeps its promises to the players and take on the challenge of providing you with a thin house edge.

It’s all within your grasp so long as you stick with a licensed and provably fair operator, such as the one we recommend.

How to Play Baccarat

You have seen many people play Baccarat so far, not least of all James Bond. And in many cases, the player wins. Yet, to make sure you are on the side of winners, you will have to familiarize yourself with the game’s rules.

And Baccarat, despite its French lineage, is a very straightforward game. Players will have to bet on two types of wagers:

  • The Banker Hand
  • The Player Hand.

But here’s the twist! ‘The Player hand’ is not in fact a bet that you individually place. It’s a part of the game.

Or, if these terms are confusing, just think of the Hands as:

  • Bet A
  • Bet B

Now that we have eliminated the names, things should be a bit clearer. Now, you need to understand the value of the card deck.

All 10s and face cards are actually worth 0 points, which goes against the grain of most other card games.

Meanwhile, the rest of the cards showing a number are worth their face value. Sounds easy, right?

Hold on, because there is yet another thing to consider! If your digit cards add up to a double-digit number, you will only count the second digit as your active bet. Let’s use a few examples to explain this mess.

  • The Banker Hand has just received J, 6 for a total value of 6
  • The Player Hand has just received a pair of 6s for a total value 12

Yet, when the bet is a double digit, only the second title counts. In this case, the Banker Hand wins because its value is 6 whereas the Player Hand only gets 2.

Watch a Game of Baccarat

After you have these simple rules committed to memory, it’s time to play. To test the game, we used a traditional European version by NetEnt. The Baccarat Pro version comes with a stylized interface and very straightforward gameplay.

The game pretty much carries out most of the betting for you. All you have to do is decide between the Banker and Player hand. In this version, you have a third option, the Tie Hand, which is statistically very unlikely to occur, although the payout is 9 to 1, so a $2 bet could easily become $16 net win + $2 the stake value.

The Microgaming Baccarat version released in December 2019 invites players to interact with the game a little more. You can flip your own cards and the game has an announcer that allows novice players to follow through with the actual gameplay. NetEnt’s version is a bit too fast for novices.

You will notice that in terms of rules, the game sometimes deals two and sometimes three cards. When the Player Hand amounts to fewer than 5 points, a third card is dealt. If a Banker Hand gets up to 8 or 9 points, this is considered a ‘natural’ and the game is concluded without dealing any more cards, usually in favor of the Banker Hand.

With these small adjustments to what to expect, you are ready to play Baccarat. Much of the hit/stand options are automated in Baccarat unlike in Blackjack where players have to decide whether they want another card.

Baccarat and Its Many Iterations

Played by the French nobility, there are quite a few versions of the game out there. The most popular ones include titles such as Chemin de Fer, Punto Banco and Baccarat Banque. Some more modern versions such as Baccarat Squeeze, VIP Baccarat, Speed, Progressive and Mini Baccarat.

In each version, something changes so as to create a slightly different gameplay. Of course, the titles will usually have different payout percentages. Chemin de Fer and Baccarat en Banque are mostly popular in Europe, whereas Punto Banco is what most online casinos in the United States tend to offer.

The number of decks will also range across the different versions of the game, and players will have access to a variety of side bets, including Progressive, Pairs, Royal Match, Bellagio and others. The side bets will add a variety to your game, although they are not a necessity.

You can safely assume that the side bets are your gateway to higher profits and a more dynamic overall gameplay. Players are welcome to have a go at Total Points Odd/Even, Lucky 8, All Red/Black and many other options.

Top Baccarat Game Makers

Baccarat is popular enough to have drawn attention from the biggest name in iGaming. Brands such as Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’n Go and Evolution Gaming are all interested in developing state of the art titles for players to enjoy.

Many have succeeded. Playtech’s No Commission Baccarat is an absolute hit. The studio also pioneered the Progressive Baccarat title, offering players to quickly scale up their winnings if they are ever lucky enough. Microgaming is known for its Baccarat Gold Series released back in 2011 and 2012, but still considered some of the best versions of the game. NetEnt has contributed a fair bit with Punto Banco pro series and Play’n GO has sought to ‘scale-down’ the experience.

Using Strategy to Beat Baccarat Games

Baccarat has been around for centuries and people have learnt how to spot some trends about the game. For starters, the bets winning percentages can be pinpointed down to a statistical probability. Presently, the three main types of Baccarat wagers have the following statistically probability:

  • The Player Hand – 44.61%
  • The Banker Hand – 44.84%
  • The Tie Hand – 9.94%

Your net return on the Banker Hand will be slightly smaller, because of the estimated 5% commission. Casinos actually know that Banker Hands pay off slightly better and they put an extra commission on this.

In terms of strategies, Baccarat can be played according to positive and negative progression card systems. Strategies such as D’Alembert, Paroli and Martingale all introduce a semblance of balance in the game, but it’s good to know that in the long-term, any strategy would ultimately fail to reward the player.

How do you keep playing baccarat if this is the case? Well, most players focus on playing short-to-mid sessions without overstepping their bankroll limits and thus turning the game into a decent form of entertainment that doesn’t necessarily cost too much, and still offers a chance for a solid return.

Sit Down for Live Baccarat

You have perhaps often wondered – are there ways to increase the thrill of your Baccarat experience? What better way than diving in the many opportunities revealed to you through live Baccarat games?

Once treated as a marginal segment, live dealer Baccarat titles are packing the online casino floors and you can have all versions of the games. You will enjoy a bouquet of additional features and side bets.

Not to mention the live dealers themselves who are smartly-dressed and good-looking hosts and hostesses with their own pleasant idiosyncrasies. Quite a few developers have hopped on the live Baccarat segment, producing bona-fide titles. Companies such as Evolution Gaming, Playtech, NetEnt, and Extreme Live Gaming have all developed outstanding live options for eager players to enjoy.

Baccarat VIP

You will often see Baccarat VIP featured at most tables and perhaps wonder – is that an experience I would like to have? Baccarat VIP is in fact no different than the majority of versions out there.

The only real difference is you will have to expect higher table limit as the VIP experience is designated for those players who don’t mind plonking down $1,000 on a single bet. Still, there are VIP versions where the table limits are much accommodating to budget players.

Is this version of the game worth it? Absolutely, it’s one of the best high-stake games you can join and participate in.

An Experience on the Go

The best way to play Baccarat and never miss out on any of the action is to have a handheld device with you. Casinos have all agreed that allowing you to play your favorite game in all its variations is the surest way to appeal to the gamer in you.

As a result, you can experience all sorts of Baccarat versions on a mobile device and never worry about compatibility. The modern gaming experience today is fully reliant on mobile, and you should make sure the Baccarat casino sites you pick are just as much.

Mobile is just one of the many available options, though. You can play Baccarat as part of a cross-platform experience, switching between your tablet, smartphone, desktop computer and laptop, and even Microsoft Surface Pro.

Online Baccarat Tips That Work

Once you have the entire game down to the greatest detail, you will certainly wonder how to boost your winning potential. Most players stick to common sense tips, such as proper managing of one’s bankroll.

Players tend to get emotional while playing Baccarat. A bad beat could prompt a player to stake more money in an attempt to recoup losses, costing them even more. Yet, by exercising control over your funds, you shouldn’t run into such gamer’s fallacies.

Another debate is whether strategies really help you optimize wins. Most players agree that progressive strategies, such as Martingale’s give you some semblance of control, but the longer you play, the slimmer your chance of sustainable win become.

Despite its thin house edge, Baccarat still relies on chance as its key ingredient to success. Nevertheless, you can still influence the outcome of the game up to a point and therein lies the most tempting aspect of this French classic.

Baccarat’s Legacy Lives On

Baccarat is by all tokens an exceptional game and a title you will want to play. Just familiarizing yourself with the game doesn’t put you at any disadvantage. You can pick up the rules and start playing right away. And before you put your first real money wager, there are countless opportunities to experience the game in fun play mode and study the odds. There are tons of online Baccarat casino offering you great playing conditions. Make sure to revisit our list every time you need one.

Play the best Baccarat games today!