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Please read the following Terms & Conditions carefully before proceeding any further. The points laid out here disclose the purpose of Casino Sites – hereafter referred to as “the Site,” “Our” or “Us” – as well as our cookie policy and how users and readers should approach and use the website in the first place.

Casino Sites offers insightful materials from the world of the iGaming and brick-and-mortar casino industry. All reviews, commercial pages, and blog articles cover legal developments within the sector.

The Site only covers licensed and regulated operators and companies. Should you have doubt about the licensing agreement of particular operators listed on the Site, you should contact the relevant regulatory authority.

Furthermore, the Site provides readers with detailed information about ongoing, new and future promotions in the iGaming sector. All of these promotions must comply with the rules and regulations set out by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

In light of this, you are urged to always confirm the information presented on our page as promotional terms tend to change quickly, and our service may fail, on occasion, to update the relevant information.

Please note that by continuing to use the Site, you acknowledge that our service is to be used as a general reference rather than financial advice.

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The Site collects cookies used to help us better tailor and adjust our offer. We only collect non-identifiable data and use it to establish consumer behaviour, such as what pages are interesting to a reader as well how well you engage with the materials available on the website.

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The Site intends to accept paid advertisement. When Casino Sites publishes marketing materials, regardless of the form, users can expect this to be done in good taste and according to regulations with relevant authorities, such as the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The Site will not promote any material that breaches local law or goes against the established practices of Google. All advertising conducted on our website upholds the highest regulatory standards.

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Users should know that the Site contains both sponsored content as well as affiliate links. Our sponsored content can promote a genuine product, although you should know that the Site does not necessarily endorse any of the products listed in such content.

Even the Site’s affiliate links are based on subjective interpretation of products such as online casinos. More importantly, Casino Sites may receive a commission if you follow through with an affiliate link from any of our pages.

This being said, we strive to uphold the highest standards and provide you with well-balanced reviews focusing on the positive sides of a product while still informing you about certain drawbacks you may encounter during regular play.


Once again, we feel obligated to remind users and readers that the products listed at Casino Sites are not necessarily endorsed by the Site. What is more, we never issue any financial advice to our readers.

Rather, you should treat the information you find here as subjective. Our writers strive to provide you with accurate information, but in the cases where mistakes occur, we are not to be held responsible for any financial or other damage incurred as a result of acting upon information provided in this page.