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Top Windows Mobile Casino in 2022

Are you looking for the ultimate mobile online casino gaming experience? Look no further because this is your lucky day. Microsoft’s Windows operating system has been synonymous with desktop computers for decades and it continues to do so with a wide range of portable devices including a number of tablets from different manufacturers. As such, the platform is an excellent choice when it comes to casino gaming on the go.

Windows devices.
Microsoft offers a uniform experience across a wide range of devices.

While Windows is not nearly as popular as Android or iOS, what it lacks in quantity is certainly made up for in the quality department. In fact, most who have played Windows casino apps will agree that it works even more flawlessly than the competition and this is thanks in part to its fantastic native browser, Microsoft Edge, known for offering outstanding gaming experiences.

Why Should You Play on a Windows Casino?

If you are reading this then you probably already own a Windows-powered mobile device, and if you don’t, worry not as all you need for an unforgettable Windows casino gaming experience is a device that runs the Windows operating system and not necessarily a windows-specific device. This certainly makes things a lot easier. That said, here are some of the reasons why you should consider playing at a Windows casino:

Play Anytime, Anywhere

One of the defining features of Windows is how powerful it is. With a mobile Windows device you may choose to download an app for your favorite casino games and even if your chosen casino operator does not offer a downloadable client you will be able to access the games through the instant-play web-based versions of the casinos. Be it a Windows Phone, a Window Surface tablet, or even a mini-laptop, you will be able to enjoy the full desktop gaming experience albeit on a smaller and more compact display.

Microsoft phone.
Play your favorite Windows casino games from anywhere.

Huge Selection of Games

The number of casino apps on the Windows Mobile app store may have reduced but most of the operators have switched to instant play casino sites that work almost flawlessly on Windows phones. The tablets, on the other hand, have access to a full range of amazing Windows casino apps that can be found on the Windows store with a simple search. Furthermore, nearly all existing online casino operator are increasingly harnessing the power of web technologies to deliver crisp-looking, well designed and innovative games to players. There are literally thousands or more casino games that players can access from their Windows devices.

 Windows Store logo.
The Windows Store packs a decent collection of fun and exciting casino apps and games.

Legitimate, Tried, Tested and Certified Software

One of the aims of this page is to ensure that our readers make the right choice in as far as safety and security are concerned. As such, all of the Windows casinos that we are recommending are stringently tested to ensure that they have met all of our strict requirements. Still, when you decide to get an app from the Windows Store for either your Windows Phone or tablet you can rest assured that it will be safe thanks to Microsoft’s strict policy against not allowing apps that do meet their standards.

Unfortunately, real money gambling apps fall under the category that is not allowed into the Windows Store. This should not be much of a big deal since we have listed the best casinos on this site and thus you will not need to worry about braving the depths of the internet trying to find a reputable Windows Casino to play at.

How We Test for the Best Windows Casinos

In order to bring you our list of the top casinos for your mobile Windows device, we had to conduct a number of stringent tests on hundreds of the most popular gaming platforms. Eventually, we were able to weed out a good number of sites that we believe fall short of offering you anything less than the best gaming experience that you truly deserve.

During the tests and review of the sites, we focused on some of their customer-centric aspects which included:

Safety and Security

As always, we take safety and security very seriously when it comes to the online casinos we recommend, and it was no different in this particular case. We made sure that all of the casinos we are recommending use the latest SSL encryption technology to protect customer information and financial transactions.

Bonuses and Promotions

Naturally, when you sign up on any online casino these days there has to be some form of incentive to stay after seeing what the casino is all about. Nothing does this better than bonuses, rewards, and promotions. This is why all of the casinos we are recommending include nothing but the best blend of generous bonuses and wagering requirements which will make Windows casino gaming fun and exciting.

Banking Options

Not many online casino operators are able to offer great payment methods to their customers in terms of both numbers and reliability. Finding an operator that has a great balance of all the factors that make its payment options appealing to all customers is very difficult – unless of course, you pick one of the sites we are recommending – they are the best in that regard. Not only do they allow players to make low-cost and instant (or almost instant) deposits into their Windows casino accounts but they also feature some of the shortest withdrawals periods in the industry.

In addition to this, the available payment methods are also quite popular which means that chances are you’re already using at least one of them or they are easily accessible.

Customer Support

Customer support staff play a key role in the overall success of any online gaming platform, Windows casinos included. As such, we went out of our way to personally contact the customer support staff of the casinos we tested with a few queries that would help us in determining how effective they are. The mobile casinos that passed our tests had friendly and professional customer support agents that can be reached 24/7 through email, phone call and even live chat.

Getting Started with Windows Casinos

If you are already familiar with online casinos, adapting to the Windows mobile gaming environment will be a breeze. In many cases, it is usually as simple as heading to the Windows Store and searching for your favorite casino and downloading the apps if it is available. Once the app is installed on your phone, you can go ahead and sign in if you already have an account with the operator or register in case it is the first time you are interacting with that particular mobile casino operator. The app will then verify your login details then allow you to access the games.

Windows phone roulette.

Games look crispy and are well-designed for Windows Phone.

In case you do not find the app on the Windows Store the next logical step would be to head on over to your web browser where you will either enter the URL of your favorite Windows casino or perform a simple search with the casino’s name as the keyword. Getting started if you are a newcomer is a breeze as the sites will always be well-designed to ensure that you find no trouble navigating. Once everything is set up as required, you can begin playing your favorite games right in the palms of your hands using your Windows phone or tablet.


Windows has had to contend with some very popular competitors especially in the mobile sector, but this does not imply that it falls far behind the other popular mobile platforms. In fact, thanks to advancements in web technologies such as HTML5, mobile casino gaming on Windows devices has been able to keep up with the trends while at the same time managing to effectively feature some amazing gameplay experiences to devoted Windows users and online casino gamers. In general, the platform is a great way of enjoying mobile casino gaming regardless of whether you already own a Windows-powered mobile device or you are planning to get one.