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Best Online Blackjack Sites for Real Money 2024

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Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games, popularized not only because of its high payout potential, but also thanks to successful movie interpretations. Today, you can play multiple versions of online blackjack for real money from the comfort of your home with a few easy clicks.

The best versions will offer you a theoretical payout greater than 99%, and you will have opportunities to pick a bonus and enjoy a variety of viable games.

If you are a US player keen to play blackjack online, win some money while at it, and experience action-packed blackjack games, you have come to the right place. Here is a list of the best online blackjack site where you can play your favorite game for cash.

Best US Online Blackjack Sites for Real Money in July 2024:

Wild Casino

100% up to $5,000
  • Generous Welcome Bonus
  • Over 150 Games by Betsoft and Nucleus
  • Accepts a Variety of Cryptocurrencies
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4.9 / 5
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BetOnline Casino

100% up to $3,000
  • Great Selection of Bonuses
  • Huge Selection of Casino Games
  • Multi-lingual and 24/7 customer support
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4.8 / 5
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Slots.lv Casino

200% up to $3,000
  • Large Welcome Bonus
  • 30 Free Spins on Sign Up
  • Tournaments available to enter
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4.7 / 5
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Cafe Casino

350% up to $2,500
  • Great Welcome Bonuses
  • 300+ Casino Games
  • Modern Design
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4.6 / 5
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MyBookie Casino

150% up to $750
  • Great Welcome Bonus
  • Huge Selection of Games
  • Live Dealer Casino
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4.5 / 5
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Vegas Casino Online

150% up to $3,000
  • Generous welcome bonus
  • 24/7 live support for USA
  • Download and instant play
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4.4 / 5
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Sun Palace Casino

150% up to $10,000
  • Cashable Bonus
  • Instant Play Available
  • Large Collection of Casino Games
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4.3 / 5
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250% up to $7,500
  • Games Powered by Realtime Gaming
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Great Selection of Games
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4 / 5
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Everygame Casino

100% up to $5,555
  • Up to $5,555 in Welcome bonuses
  • Over 300+ Games
  • Popular Payment Options
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3.9 / 5
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Ignition Casino

100% up to $1,000
  • Bitcoin is an allowed payment option
  • Varity of Promotions, including Bitcoin
  • Over 300 Casino games to choose from
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3.4 / 5
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How to Play Online Blackjack for Real Money

How to play online blackjack for real money

Blackjack is one of the most popular online games USA casinos have to offer. Whether you are playing for real money or testing a demo version, you will find yourself choosing from a whole lot of top-dollar online blackjack games.

However, if you are still new to online blackjack, you probably have some questions about the actual gameplay. Well, as it turns out it’s quite simple.

The winning condition as always is to play a hand that is as close to 21, or 21, as possible without breaking this limit.

You ought to beat the dealer’s hand and the dealer, meaning the casino, will always strive to beat you as well.

How to Start Your Blackjack Experience

  1. Choose a casino from my recommended list and register your account. You don’t have to deposit yet, as free versions of blackjack will be available to you.
  2. Make your first bet in a game of blackjack and wait for the dealer to deal one card to you face up and one card to him or herself face down.
  3. Take a turn in deciding what actions to make after each hand is dealt. Stand and wait for the final outcome once you are happy with your cards.
  4. Collect your winnings if you are closest or at 21 without breaking the pre-set limit.

The actions you can take in a game of online blackjack for real money are also very simple. You can either Hit, Stand, Surrender, Split or Double Down.

These actions are very easy to commit to memory, but I will take a brief look at them in a separate section for your convenience.

Meanwhile, remember that all cards from 10-K are worth 10 points, an Ace is worth 1 or 11 points and the rest of the cards are worth their face or “pip value”.

What Actions Are There in Online Blackjack?

Online blackjack comes with the same rules and actions the land-based version of the game has.

In essence, you can take a number of decisions to strategize and try to obtain the best possible outcome and payout. Here they are.


If you are satisfied with your hand, and feel like you have the best chance of scoring as close to 21 as possible with your present hand, then you can simply choose to “Stand.”


Need an additional card to make your hand work? There is no limit on how many cards you can request via Hit, but you got to make sure you don’t “bust,” i.e. go over 21.


Feel like your hand is a winner? You can split your hand, provided you are holding a pair, and play with two hands and two separate bet piles at the same time. This begs the question, can you split a J and a K if they are both worth 10 points, but aren’t a pair? This depends entirely on the online casino’s rules.

Double Down

If a player feels confident that their hand will win, they can choose to double down and add and additional wager equal to your first one.


Think this is not going anywhere? You are very welcome to surrender and just call it quits early into the race. Most players debate whether the 50% you get back from surrender is worth it. That depends on the situation and probabilities.

Some casinos and game versions will introduce an “insurance” bet which is a side bet on whether the dealer has a blackjack, that is Jack and Ace, or Ace and any other 10-point card.

Types of Online Blackjack Games You Can Play for Real Money

Online blackjack for real money game types
There are plently of different online blackjack games to try

As it turns out, there are many versions of online blackjack you can play and experience for real money.

Blackjack Classic and American Blackjack tend to be the two most popular versions of the game. They come with a straightforward gameplay and a 99.53% payout.

Yet, there are other variations that you may be tempted to try, each with their own slight twist to the gameplay and rules.

Variants of Blackjack

  1. Blackjack Surrender
  2. Blackjack Switch
  3. Perfect Pairs Blackjack
  4. European Blackjack
  5. Atlantic City Blackjack
  6. Live Blackjack

Each of these versions is definitely worth a shot. There are other games you can try, naturally, such as Single and Double Deck Blackjack, and others. Online blackjack with a live dealer is definitely worth playing, especially if you insist on authenticity. 

Live Casino Blackjack for Real Money

Live Dealer blackjack for real money

Live dealer blackjack is just as fun as all other online versions. Some say that it’s even better.

How so? Well, while you still get the authentic face-to-face time with another person and interact with the live dealer, you also get to enjoy a quicker gameplay, flexible live dealer bonuses, and all sorts of other promotions.

The overlay interface allows everyone to bet quicker and the dealer to deal their cards quicker as well, which means you can get more hands played per hour compared to a land-based casino.

Not least, the live dealers are very attractive people whose company is usually a pleasure.

All live blackjack games are streamed in HD and with the help of cutting-edge technologies. Once again, the theoretical RTP is pretty good and at least 99%, but quite often more.

Best Places to Play Real Money Online Blackjack

Finding the best casino to play blackjack will definitely take some research. Yet, the good news is there are many great websites which already offer top-notch online blackjack you can play for real money.

They include a decent variety of the available games, great betting limits, and both deposit and no deposit bonuses.

True, some casinos will usually offer slightly lower gaming contributions to your blackjack bonuses, but this is no reason to despair. There are plenty of great real money online blackjack bonuses you can claim and benefit from, and they are all worth your while.

Sometimes, you can even find a live dealer bonus, which is an extra way to boost your potential return from blackjack.

As to the best blackjack sites you will find online, there are many factors that establish them as such.

What to Look for on a Site:

  1. Great reputation and proven track record
  2. A good mix of games and flexible betting limits
  3. Handy deposit and withdrawal methods
  4. Transparent and achievable bonuses
  5. Reliable customer support

All of these are handy and appreciated features in the best blackjack casinos. You will find plenty of viable options right on my list of recommended brands and casinos.

If you prefer to do your own research, this is all very well. Just remember to take my advice on what is actually a worthwhile Internet blackjack room.

Land-based Vs. Online Blackjack

online blackjack vs land based blackjack

Many players wonder, what’s the difference between traveling to Atlantic City, Las Vegas, or your local casino and playing online? Well, as it turns out, there is no real difference, and both games bring you the same quality experience.

However, online blackjack for real money tends to be quicker and costs you less to participate. The bet limits can be very generous starting at something as low as $0.50, although most games will ask for at least $1.

At the same time, you can push your max bet all the way up to $1,000, $2,000 or more per hand. The only real drawback of the online version is that you cannot count cards.

However, you will enjoy a quicker gameplay, more versions to pick from, no downtime, and a whole lot of worthwhile promotions. Of course, it never hurts to actually go to a land-based casino and remind yourself how fun it is to play with real people.

Just don’t forget that real money online blackjack can still be played in the company of a live dealer, too.

Successful Online Blackjack Real Money Strategies

So, you are probably wondering, is there a mathematically sound way you can play and use to ensure that you can win more.

As it turns out, every probability and chance game with the same degree of skill involved as blackjack, can be played according to a strategy.

There are no sure-fire solutions, and each strategy has its deficiencies, but it can give you a very good idea and standing in the short and mid-term.

There are several stratagems I recommend reading more about, including Fibonacci, Martingale, Labouchère, and D’Alembert. Once you are familiar with these strategies, you will be able to apply the strategies in both land-based, online and live dealer blackjack, not to mention baccarat, craps, keno and other popular casino games.

Blackjack Tips and Tricks

Online Blackjack Tips and Tricks

There are many ways to give yourself an edge playing online blackjack, and win real money.

Perhaps, as a US player, you didn’t know that using blackjack cheat sheets is perfectly fine. You can do so even in Las Vegas where the casino will let you bring some basic sheets that advise you on different actions as per the specific outcome.

Similarly, there are other tips and tricks you can use in blackjack to make the most out of your experience.

Tips and Tricks for Blackjack

  1. Stick to a betting strategy
  2. Don’t chase your losses
  3. Rely on cheat sheets
  4. Test each game in free mode first
  5. Learn to alternate between strategies
  6. Play with a fixed percentage of your bankroll
  7. Focus on winning small amounts consistently
  8. Quit while you are ahead and have doubled your bankroll

You can extend on these tips by considering popular strategies such as card counting – though I wouldn’t recommend this strategy. However, always keep in mind that you won’t be able to count cards while playing online blackjack for real money.

The casino will shuffle the deck(s) after each hand dealt. While some consider the inability to count cards as a drawback to online blackjack, there are many tools that can help you optimize your gameplay a bit, not least the blackjack cheat sheets which are huge help.

Final Words on Real Money Blackjack

Real money blackjack is one of the most enjoyable games you can play. It combines skill, knowledge and a fair degree of luck and offers an opportunity to beat the house at its own game.

Online blackjack won’t let you count cards, but it will let you enjoy several games at once, use a cheat sheet, and generally cherry-pick the best online blackjack for real money games you can find on the Internet today.

Blackjack Casino FAQ

How do I win at blackjack? You win at blackjack by picking the best games, and understanding the game in depth. Sticking to some popular practices and studying situations is also another way to guarantee yourself higher winning potential.
Can I play blackjack for real money? Yes, blackjack is first and foremost a game that is played for real money both at land-based and online casinos. You can experience the game in any setting and enjoy it for actual money.
How do you deal blackjack? Blackjack is dealt with one card to each player and the dealer. The dealer’s card is facedown and the player(s)’s face up. Then, a second card is dealt. After that, player can choose to take an action, whether this is stand, hit or anything else. Once all dealing has been completed, the hands are revealed.
What is blackjack? Blackjack is a popular card game where the purpose is to collect a combination of cards closer to 21 without going over 21. Ideally, a winning hand will score 21.
Is online blackjack rigged? It’s impossible to rig online blackjack thanks to the Random Number Generator (RNG) that protects each outcome. Every hand dealt online is randomized with the help of the RNG which calculates millions of numbers to arrive at a fair outcome.
Are the sites recommended by CasinoSites.us safe to play blackjack on? Yes, blackjack sites recommended by CasinoSites.us are carefully reviewed and evaluated. If a website is part of our list of trusted websites, you can play blackjack and enjoy a safe gaming environment there.
What does double down mean in blackjack? The double down option allows you to double your bet, especially when you feel very confident that your hand will win.
How many decks are used in blackjack? There is no real limit on how many decks you can use in blackjack. Some games only use a single deck, others use 2, 4 or 8. Even though there is no real limit on how many decks you can use in a game of blackjack, eight is by far the largest number casinos use.