New Online Casinos You Should Definitely Try

Online casinos come and go. Those casinos which haven’t made an impact, done as successfully as they might have hoped, or have been forced to shut down due to improper practices will disappear almost as quickly as they arrived. However, there is always a steady flow of new ones to replace them.

With a surplus of new casinos to choose from, finding your feet at a new site can be tricky. With the online casino world ever changing, how can you tell what to look for in a newly launched casino? Our handy guide breaks down new online casinos and tells you everything to look for when playing at a newly launched casino.

Improved Features and Originality

Players don’t want to see the same tired old features and layouts in casinos. New online casinos should try to break the mold in that department, by adding new and improved features, creative and original designs as well as plenty of other things which might make them stand out from the opposition and their rivals.

Long gone are the days of sister sites. True, some casino operators still run several sites (which, by and large, all offer the same kind of experience) but this is a dying genre of casino sites. We’re just not fooled anymore. As a modern casino player, you are going to be looking for more than that; you’re going to be looking for something that takes a radical, new and yet fun approach to online casino gaming. Here are a few things to keep your eye out for…

Up to Date Regulation Is a Must

There are always new laws and regulations in the online casino world. Countries legalize and ban various aspects of online gambling (indeed, online gambling itself at times) frequently, and new online casino sites must keep up.

For instance, there have been changes to the advertising laws in the UK, which state that casinos are no longer allowed to use the term “free spins”, but instead must refer to them as “bonus spins”. There are also new laws against wagering requirements, making it abundantly clear that casinos must be totally transparent when it comes to playthrough rates and bonus wagering requirements. These are all things that new online casinos must adhere to if they wish to stand out.

Up to date licensing and regulation is key. As we learn more about licensing jurisdictions, those casinos operating with so-so licenses will lose out to those which carry quality licenses from well-regulated jurisdictions. You’re looking for a new casino site which fits the bill in all those criteria.

Gaming Live and On the Go

We’re living in the digital age. A rapidly increasing number of us are now turning to mobile casino gaming. It has taken a few years to become blindingly obvious to operators that mobile gaming is the future, but many have now taken the hint and are turning their casinos towards this industry.

New online casinos should not only be able to offer you the ability to play their games on your favorite smartphone or tablet device, but they should also feature a design which is mobile-friendly. Most players aren’t interested in downloading apps to play their favorite mobile slots, either. They want instant play mobile games, accessible via their device’s web browser.

As well as mobile capability, new casino sites should also offer live dealer casino games. This is the most modern form of casino gaming, and the closest to achieving the realism and atmosphere of being in a land-based venue. If you go goo-goo for table games, then having a new site which offers live dealer games is a plus. Live dealer games are the latest tech in the casino world, so new casinos should be offering it to you.

Speaking of games, long gone are the days when a casino could get away with offering titles from just a single developer. Players just don’t want to see that anymore. Why should casino players settle for 100+ games from a single developer, when they can play over a thousand from many different providers? Many of the new casino sites which launch come with software provided by open betting platforms, such as Microgaming’s Quickfire, or iSoftBet’s GAP (Game Aggregation Platform) which, in turn, feature software from dozens of developers, offering you ample choices of games to play. This is what you’re going to want to see in new casinos.

Keeping the Banking Situation Current

If you’ve been around in the online casino world for a while, you will probably notice that some casinos still advertise Moneybookers and Ukash as accepted payment methods. Moneybookers became Skrill well over 5 years ago, and it has been 3 years since Ukash went under, becoming a part of Skrill itself, funnily enough. If we’re looking at things new casino sites should offer, then up to date payment methods is one of them.

Cryptocurrencies are starting to appear at online casinos, and it is not out of the realm of possibility that your chosen new casinos will offer you the option of using bitcoin or the like to deposit with.

Having a good range of deposit options and multiple currencies is becoming part and parcel of new online casinos. We are also seeing the end of big withdrawal fees and speedier withdrawal times. With so many casinos now ditching those fees and offering rapid transaction times, new online gaming portals just can’t afford to make the same mistake.

New Casinos Are Getting Social

If the last 10 years have taught us anything, it is that everybody is on social media. Like everywhere else, social media is starting to play a major role in the online casino world, too. In the past, casinos may have posted a fistful of promos in their lobby or bombarded their players with spam-like e-mails and texts. New online casinos tend to go down a different route, and it is one which makes them far more appealing to players.

With most casino players involved in social media such as Facebook and Twitter anyway, new casino sites are choosing to post their promotions on their Facebook pages or tweet about them. Indeed, it is even possible to bag promo offers just for liking a Facebook page, or following the casinos on Twitter. This revolution means that new casino sites don’t tend to harass players with invasive e-mails, calls or texts, and that is certainly something that we find appealing about the newer casinos to launch of late.

Don’t be surprised to learn that new casinos often run YouTube channels, either. From those channels, they can showcase their hottest games, giving any player who wishes a sneak preview of their upcoming and newly launched games. This is handy since it gives players an idea of what to expect without them having to wager cash on the game from the get-go, and again, it is totally optional.

The same is true of customer support. Players don’t want to have to ring a telephone number (and be charged a hefty fee in the process) to obtain support and assistance. In the digital age, the newest casino sites are offering support via live chat, Skype, and even social media, and around the clock, to boot.

Still at a Loss? We Can Help…

Of course, there are more than a few things there for you to consider when deciding whether to play at new online casinos. Ideally, the newest online casinos are offering you a casino designed for the digital age, with mobile compatibility and support, a surplus of games from multiple providers, hassle-free and transparent promos, and the latest security and banking options.

If you still aren’t sure what it is you want from a new gaming domain or you find all the above too much to keep track of, you can always check out our casino reviews. We’ve taken the liberty of examining some of the newest casinos in detail and are happy to provide you with a list of our recommended and approved new casino sites. You can rest assured that any casino we feature qualifies in most, if not all the above criteria.

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