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How Do Online Casino Bonuses Work

  • Written By Samantha Browne
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Online casinos are arguably the biggest highlight of the world of gambling in the modern world, something that is easily proven by the huge customer-bases that these sites boast of. Still, with so many great online casinos available to players, the iGaming operators have to deal with very stiff competition. One of the areas where there is the stiffest competition is in the bonuses, offers, or promotions that they provide.

If you are new to online gambling you the bonus offers plastered on the homepages and promotional material of iGaming sites will blow your mind.

In this post, we are going to break down the different kinds of bonuses and how exactly they work so that you know what you are getting yourself into. Let’s begin:

Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus Icon

Whether you are just getting started with online gambling or you are simply switching to a new online casino, the welcome bonus is something that you will inevitably be presented with. It is the first lucrative offer that you will come across at a new site and since it is meant to make a great impression, the iGaming operators always strive to ensure that it is nothing short of memorable. They are often huge and flashy to attract new players to a given site.

In most cases, the welcome bonuses are also meant to give players an incentive to spend their money on their site. This is achieved by making the welcome offers match deposit bonuses of a given percentage usually from as little as 20 percent to as big as 500 percent. It all comes down to what you prefer.

Finding a great welcome bonus will add a lot of great value to your online gambling experience especially if you are starting with a rather small bankroll. We even have a blog post based around the best welcome bonuses that US players can get currently – check it out!

Even so, as you will come to find out, there is always a catch with these bonuses as is the case with most other types of promotions. For instance, bigger welcome bonuses are often accompanied by very strict playthrough requirements. As such, do make sure that you read the fine print as outlined in the terms and conditions or wagering requirements before you dive in.

Crypto Bonus (Cryptocurrencies)

Crypto Bonus Icon

This is a special type of deposit bonus that, as its name suggests, is all about cryptocurrencies.

There are currently lots of amazing online casinos that accept deposits and payout winnings in digital currencies. Many of these cryptocurrency casinos take things a step further by rewarding their customers who choose to deposit using crypto by offering them special bonuses which are usually a percentage of the amount that they have deposited.

Cryptocurrencies have certainly come a long way—market valued at 1,758.0 million USD by 2027—and their use in online gambling sites is growing stronger by the day. By offering players such incentives as crypto bonuses, the iGaming sector made a significant contribution to the rise in mainstream use of digital currencies something that is not set to stop anytime soon.

Besides, crypto is the future – you might as well start using it right now and get rewarded for it.

No Deposit Bonus

No Deposit Bonus Icon

No deposit bonuses are arguably the simplest kind of bonuses that modern online casinos have to offer. Players do not have to deposit any of their funds to receive these kinds of bonuses.

In most of the online gambling sites that I have come across, all that you need to do is register an account with the online gambling site of your choice and either claim the no deposit bonus. In some cases, the bonus is even directly credited to your newly-created casino account.

Now, while they are certainly very fun and enjoyable to use, no deposit bonuses are certainly not for everyone. The people who are most likely to benefit from them are those who are either on super-tight budgets or are just casually browsing around the site. However, these bonuses are usually accompanied by some pretty stringent limitations especially with regards to withdrawing your winnings.

Many players also use no deposit bonus as a means to gauge the performance and versatility of what a casino has to offer before they deposit their hard-earned money.

Bonus Codes

Bonus Code Icon

Some casinos are always running different kinds of promotions but to redeem the bonuses and rewards, the players need to have special codes. Bonus codes are issues to the customers of a given site and can be used to grant them a wide range of things including:

  • Bonuses
  • Freebies
  • Gifts
  • Even discounts

It is a pretty unique model and thus very few casinos have chosen to capitalize on it. But when implemented the right, these bonus codes can yield pretty impressive results for both the operators and the customers themselves. All you need to do is always be on the lookout for the codes.

Weekly Bonuses

Weekly Bonus Icon

Regular promotions and bonus offers are pretty commonplace in online gambling sites today. Weekly bonuses are one of the most common ones and they are all about keeping the players coming back for more. By spreading these promotions throughout the week, the online gambling sites always give the players something new and exciting to look forward to.

In essence, these weekly bonuses are a loyalty reward of sorts that is only available to players who can set aside time to play at least once every week. Depending on the casino that you have an account with, there will always be a bonus waiting for your every time you log in throughout the week.

Weekly bonuses could be:

  • Reload bonuses
  • Free spins
  • Even free gaming cash

Free Spins/Chips Bonus

Free Spins and Chips Bonus Icon

Free spins and chip bonuses are special bonuses where instead of the casino handing you a cash offer, they offer you spins and virtual casino chips to use on their site.

Free spins are for use on a select number of slots on the machine while the chips can be used on select games where they are a requirement. In most cases, these kinds of bonuses are given to players alongside other offers such as welcome bonuses or even weekly offers.

Getting to play a hand for free or play a game for free is certainly something that cannot be ignored. For lots of players, free spins and chip bonuses are great ways of testing out the games that a particular site has to offer without having to risk their hard-earned money.

If you are looking for a casual gaming experience, these offers will come in handy for you.

Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend Bonus Icon

Online casinos are always working towards increasing the number of customers that they have. Sometimes, the welcome bonuses may or any other promotional material may not be enough and this is where referrals come in.

If you like the experience that a particular casino offers, you can invite your friends or people you may know to join the casino as well.

The casino operator will then reward you for every person that you refer to their online gambling site. There are, of course, terms and conditions that apply. For instance, while some casinos may reward you when someone you referred joins the site, some will base the bonus off the first deposit of the people you referred.

Either way, the more people you invite, the better your chances of getting these bonuses.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have at least an idea of how the most popular types of casino bonuses work you can proceed to pick a casino that offers you the best experience.

Still, as mentioned earlier, there needs to be a balance between the bonuses themselves and the limitations that they come with. You will need to read through the important details to ensure that you are satisfied with what is on offer.

In the modern world, no online gambling experience can be complete without bonuses to spice things up. With so many to choose from, the pressure is on to make sure you choose the right casino but don’t worry, we have even done that step for you in reviewing online casinos for the smoothest casino experience.

Samantha has a passion for all things casino, especially for the development in new slots games and technology. She has a background in psychology and loves to study strategies behind gambling in her spare time.