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The Top Video Poker Sites for 2024

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Video poker is perhaps one of the most underappreciated titles. Yet, the game comes with an outstanding theoretical payout that often exceeds 100% in potential returns for the players. In any event, there are at least 30 versions of the game that pay over 99% in return-to-player (RTP) rate.

To find the best video poker websites, you will need to cross-reference a handful of selection criteria. You see, there are way too many video poker games on the iGaming market today, and it helps to have a quick reference guide to the best.

Our Recommend Video Poker Sites in June 2024

Wild Casino

100% up to $5,000
  • Generous Welcome Bonus
  • Over 150 Games by Betsoft and Nucleus
  • Accepts a Variety of Cryptocurrencies
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4.9 / 5
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Slots.lv Casino

200% up to $3,000
  • Large Welcome Bonus
  • 30 Free Spins on Sign Up
  • Tournaments available to enter
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4.7 / 5
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250% up to $7,500
  • Games Powered by Realtime Gaming
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Great Selection of Games
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4 / 5
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Everygame Casino

100% up to $5,555
  • Up to $5,555 in Welcome bonuses
  • Over 300+ Games
  • Popular Payment Options
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3.9 / 5
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Ignition Casino

100% up to $1,000
  • Bitcoin is an allowed payment option
  • Varity of Promotions, including Bitcoin
  • Over 300 Casino games to choose from
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3.4 / 5
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For this reason, we have put together a reliable list of sites where you will find some of the most popular titles  to experience in your next gaming session. You will also learn about the different versions of the game as well as the best casino sites that offer them in the first place.

Find out all about the rules of the game as well as how personal skill and knowledge can easily influence your winning potential.

The Best Video Poker Sites and How to Find Them

Video poker is one of the most prominent forms of iGaming products you can experience and enjoy first hand. While slots often steal the limelight, in terms of sheer payouts, almost nothing beats video poker.

Versions of the game, such as Aces & Eights, come with theoretical return of 99.75%, but most well-seasoned players are ready to argue that you can push your return to over 100%. Imagine how effective your strategy could be – virtually every bet will help you break past your original bankroll.

To do so, you will need to tap into a combination of bonuses, comp points, and the right gaming venue in the first place. Good news is there are plenty of such reliable video poker sites, and they all have something different to offer.

Some will allow you to have a bonus that offers 20% wagering contributions towards the bonus fulfilment criteria. Others, will simply allow you to reap loyalty points and convert them back into hard currency.

How to Play Video Poker

While it doesn’t come with the intuitive simplicity of slot machines, video poker is very easy to pick. The game is similar to a five-card draw poker and, as the name so revealingly suggests, you will have five cards to pick from.

Once your hand has been dealt, you will need to decide which cards you want to keep. Any cards you don’t particularly like, you discard and those missing cards are then replaced with new ones.

Video Poker Example
The ‘Held’ card will be kept, where as the other cards will be replaced next turn.

After you have picked your cards, the hands are revealed and you compare what you have against the dealer. You shouldn’t have any issues recognizing a winning hand, as the strength of the hands is based off traditional poker hands.

In other words, you have Two Pairs, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, and Royal Flush. The highest hand is naturally the Royal Flush and Two Pairs is the lowest hand.

Now that you know the basics, you can play your first hand. Do you need to risk real money? Not really, there are many demo versions of the game designed to simulate real play and teach you the rudimentary skills necessary to pursue your own path to success.

The Different Versions of Video Poker

Video poker is definitely a very popular game and it’s not exactly surprising as you will find hundreds of slightly altered versions to provide you with some unique experience. The concept is always the same, build the strongest hand, but – what changes from one version to the next are some of the game conditions.

For example, a game could easily feature a wild card or a slightly different winning combination. Some games offer different payouts based on the winning combination you have. In Jacks or Better, the Royal Flush could vary between 800 and 976 coins in terms of payout, depending on the version.

Tip: The different versions of the game, as well as the developers behind each game, matter a great deal.

The frequency of the payout will also vary based on the software developer. Not least of all, each game will have a slightly different variation to it, making video poker a challenge to master. It’s in this challenge that many people find an incentive to pursue the game in full.

The lowest a game of video poker can pay is around 94.18% RTP for 10/8/5 Bonus Poker, but you can rest assured the majority of these games pay no less than 98.50%.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is one of the most recommended versions of the game out there. The RTP begins at 99.46%, but played optimally, the house edge drops even further, with players now looking at 99.54% in theoretical return.

Jacks or Better Video Poker Game
Jacks or Better has one of the highest RTP in Video Poker.

The chances of being successful at Jacks or Better are pretty great. In fact, your error margin can be as low as 0.08% or one in every 1178 hands.

Without being overly-pedantic, Jacks or Better offers a great return and clearly comes with enough theory-crafting to allow smart players take advantage of their love and understanding of the game.

Aces and Eights

Aces and Eights is the next big title you will definitely want to check out. Our recommended version of the popular video poker iteration is developed by Realtime Gaming (RTG) with a great RTP up to 98.63%. Of course, the RTP is very likely to fluctuate based on the combinations and winning hand, as well as the strategy, so it’s good to keep this in mind.

Joker’s Wild

As mentioned before, video poker has quite a few surprises to offer players. From fluctuating payouts to strategies allowing you to reap even bigger, better profit, it’s all there. In Joker’s Wild, players will rely on a Joker, the wild card. As the game version stands, the joker allows you to build successful combination by substitution for any missing cards.

Turning combinations into winners has never been simpler than in Joker’s Wild for sure. Any winning combinations with natural hands will have slightly better payouts than a combination secured with a wild hand.

Double Double Bonus Poker

Double Double Bonus Poker is another variation of the game, which brings a lot of fresh opportunities for anyone interested in pushing their bankroll up. The theorized return-to-player (RTP) return rate is 98.98%.

One of the big advantages of this version is that the four-of-a-kind payouts can actually beat a Straight Flush. The rate could even tip over 100% based on some video poker gurus who have been diehard fans of the game for years now.

Who Creates Video Poker Games?

Virtually every big name in iGaming has at one point or another decided to invest time and effort in creating a comprehensive gaming portfolio.

Some of the biggest software developments such as Realtime Gaming have worked on over 15 fantastic titles for video poker alone. The majority of these games offer over 99% in RTP with the lowest being Jacks or Better (multi-play) where the return falls to 97.29%, still a very decent overall percentage.

Another popular developer, Microgaming also has a lot to offer to fans of the popular card game. The studio has created famous titles, such as All Aces Poker, Deuces Wild, Aces and Faces, Tens or Better, Double Bonus Poker, and others. All RTP are above 99% to keep up with the industry’s standards and players’ expectations.

Video Poker Strategy – Beating the Odds

After familiarizing yourself with video poker, and understanding the many variables, and opportunities to turn a decent profit, it’s understandably why you would want to give yourself a better chance of success.

Even without any strategy, video poker has a very good return rate, unmatched by any other title in iGaming. The question is – can you leverage a strategy to boost your winnings and guarantee yourself a  minimal room for error?

Most players agree that playing according to a pre-determined strategy is in fact quite possible. Some strategies focus on common sense advice, such as – don’t increase your bet size without justifications or advise you to avoid trying to recoup any momentary losses.

Deuces Wild Video Poker
Figure out a strategy that suits the game

Owing to video poker’s high RTP, players will usually catch up on any loss in any event, which is what makes this product such a delight to play in the first place. Statistically, there are certain outcomes that simply occur more often than others.

In Jacks or Better, you will always want to keep a Straight Flush instead of Four to a Royal, for example. Similarly, you will want to keep the Three of a Kind instead of opting for Four to a Royal.

For instance, you can come up with a strategy as complex as 45-50 situational recommendations that are statistically more likely to happen than others.

Common Sense Advice to Master Video Poker

There are many cut and dry tips and pieces of advice you can leverage to your benefit. For starters, you will want to stick with the best-paying games. Depending on the developer, there might be some small fluctuations of the theoretical payout of the same game.

Therefore, you are always advised to double-check this and see if you can’t pick the best paying titles. It’s true, you might think that this is nit-picking by maxing your probability to win by mere 0.20% or less, but it all matters.

If you played the lowest-paying multi-hand version of video poker, you are statistically six times more likely to lose. So, as you see, this min/maxing is not entirely without justification.

Apart from this, managing your bankroll will be equally important. Overspending can easily leave you without play funds, and this is why many players even pick free-to-play versions of video poker until they are sure they have eliminated the room for error.

Playing Versus the Dealers and Players

Even though single game video poker may seem a bit of a lonely business, it’s in fact the best setting for the game you can experience. The stakes are lower and you can focus on beating a single deck rather than engaging with a lot of unknown.

These unknowns come rushing in multi-play video poker when you have to consider what other players are up to. And as such, your chances to win dip a little, because you are dealing with these variables.

Some payoffs are also reduced, so poker hands Full House and Flush will grant winners smaller sums to allow for better payouts on the quads. In other words, single and multi-play video poker is very much the same, but by adding more players, the casino’s house edge increases.

Simple and Rewarding, Video Poker Helps You Profit

Video poker comes across as a clunky old game, but this is nowhere near close to the truth. The game may have an interface that is slightly dated, but this is mostly because casinos don’t want everyone to abandon the slots and start playing video poker. It is also this same interface that continues to resonate with its intended audience over the years, as opposed to its more sophisticated and realistic evolution of itself that is online and physical poker in its many variants.

It’s no surprise that most casinos offer free spins as a way to draw your attention to the slot machines. And from there on, you have thousands of possibilities. Meanwhile, the video poker portfolio is not pushed as much, as the RTP is quite high. Thanks to this high return-to-player rate, this creates an excellent opportunity for video poker players to thrive

Many people have managed to turn their bankrolls into success stories by understanding the different versions of video poker available. Today, players looking for slightly more beneficial games are happy to look up video poker. Some love it right away whereas others prefer to stick with the bet-and-spin mechanic in slots. You can make up your own mind. Just make sure you give this game a fair chance first.