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Online Casino Games for 2024

Badge Real Money Slots Games

Casino games come in the thousands. There must be over 15,000 online slot games alone, and this doesn’t even include the number of table games, video poker, and various live dealer solutions often a single click away. And, to find these games, you may want to look through our list of the best online casinos for US players and just pick those that catch your eye.

The world of online casinos is full of exciting things to try, and you can rest assured that you can explore these titles and more, enjoying various fast payouts, game conditions and a gameplay dynamic that changes from one title to the next.

Today, we will bring you a list of online casino games that you would want to try yourself and a recommended casino for each game.

List of Online Casino Games

Benefits of Playing Online Casino Games

The first question that comes to mind is why you would even want to play an online game? Well, there are many benefits, and mostly – they are very fun and engaging, and offer an opportunity to win actual money, all while having a recreational online session.

There are zero restrictions and you don’t have to commit over a prolonged time window. Instead, you will be able to set your own gaming limits, which is another plus to the experience.

Not least, these online games are very accessible in the sense you don’t need a big pile of money to actually start playing. Slots, for example, allow you to play at as little as $0.10 and even table games wouldn’t cost more than $0.20. Things might be a little steeper financially for live games, but we will talk about this in a bit.

What Is the Right Casino for Me?

Picking the right casino for you – based on the games available – is one of the surest ways to find your bearings at any gaming venue.

To help you narrow down this choice, we have worked out a useful table that will help you decide if a specific casino really makes sense for you based on the games it offers.

  • Game Type
  • Real Money
  • Player Style
  • Features
  • Slots slots
  • Player Style

    Slots come with a simple and rewarding gameplay. Perfect for new and casual players and appreciated by veterans.

  • Features
    • 1000’s to choose from
    • Easy to Learn
  • Roulette Roulette
  • Player Style

    Roulette allows you to device clever strategies and potentially boost your overall winning potential.

  • Features
    • European Roulette has RTP of 97.30%
    • Simple rules to follow
  • Blackjack Blackjack
  • Player Style

    Blackjack offers some of the biggest return-to-player rate with 99% for most versions of the game.

  • Features
    • Many different game versions
    • Huge tournaments available
  • Baccarat Baccarat
  • Player Style

    Baccarat is an old classic with a very simple gameplay and great payout that is bound to be around for as long as there are casinos.

  • Features
    • Easy to learn rules
    • Great pay outs
  • Craps Craps
  • Player Style

    Throw the dice and muster up the best results. Enjoy all available versions of craps and see how you can have a great time playing this great game.

  • Features
    • Different types available
    • Easy to follow rules
Video Poker
  • Video Poker Video Poker
  • Player Style

    Enjoy a title where the RTP will exceed 99% and you will have a great opportunity to beat the casino. See how in the section below.

  • Features
    • Enjoy up to 99% RTP
    • 100’s to choose from

Let’s take a look at what games there are specifically:

Online Slots – 1000’s to Choose From

Slots are the most popular titles you can experience first-hand. They run in the thousands and you can keep finding a new game to try even if you played one title each hour of each day for an entire year!

Yes, there are so many of them out there, and they stand out with their light gameplay, high potential payout and entertaining background stories.

You can play these games from both Android or IOS handheld devices, whether this is your smartphone or tablet. The gameplay is light and the games themselves have multiple variations to make your stay worthwhile.

You will find quite a few entertaining variations of these casino products, including classic and video slots, fruit machines, and some of the best 3D games you have ever seen, courtesy of Betsoft.

One of the biggest draws, though, remains the so-called progressive jackpot and for a good reason. Some of these games could pay out millions’ worth of hard currency, making for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Slots Games
Great ‘return-to-player’ rates are important so if you’re ready to play great slots for real money click on the button below.

Online Roulette Games – High House Edge

Another huge part of the experience are the different roulette games. They have some of the best odds you will find in a game. With an average return of 97.30% for European Roulette, you can rest assured that there are many different options to try yourself.

European Roulette has an average Return to Player rate of 97.30%

More importantly, you can even device a strategy and see if you can turn a good profit by sticking to some time-tested stratagems such as Labouchère, Fibonacci and Martingale, along with all their variations. But watch out – the casino experience while fun, still relies on chance a little too much.

Even if you are playing recreationally, you can rest assured that the payouts are pretty flexible, allowing for some great opportunities to manage your bankroll and place the smartest bets.

European is not the only version where you can get smart with your money though. There are other popular variations, such as French and American, not to mention the multi-wheel and multi-ball versions.

Roulette Games
Get cracking with your favorite version of roulette. Spin the wheel for delightful opportunities to get the best outcome and lowest house edge.

Online Blackjack Games – Strategy and Luck

Online blackjack games are a whole new way of taking a crack at real money gaming opportunities. Blackjack is quite the sophisticated game – it has depth, strategy and over 100 viable online versions you can try.

Of course, the iGaming and land-based versions tend to be slightly different. You won’t be able to count cards online as the deck is shuffled after every dealing, but don’t let that worry you, as you can still rely on probability to try and adjust their bets and predictions.

Another benefit to this game is the high returns. Each version has at least 99% in return-to-player (RTP) rate, which is very neat if you ask us.

Now, the only downside is you can’t count cards as you would in any of the best flicks about card games, but don’t worry – there are still a few tricks you can use in your online gaming.

Blackjack Games
Enjoy a game that offers depth, strategy and luck all combined in one. Explore the best versions of blackjack in the section below.

Online Craps Games – Simplier Then You Think

Shooting craps has long been a sort of private, exclusive pleasure, but it has thankfully transitioned to online casinos and today you can find it at all top venues worth your while.

Craps is one of the games that strikes as unnecessarily complicated, but this is first impressions only, and you can rest assured that under the veneer of complexity lies a very simple and highly-rewarding gameplay.

There are fixed statistical probabilities for certain outcomes you can quickly look up and that will naturally apply to online craps games.

Craps Games
Throw the dice and muster up the best results. Enjoy all available versions of craps and see how you can have a great time playing this great game.

Online Baccarat Games – Banker or Player

Baccarat is one of the most famous casino card game and this is not by chance. The title itself goes back a long, long way. It was the French who first played it but anyone with an access to some of the best casinos out there today will get to bet on either the Banker or Player bet.

The gameplay is straightforward enough to allow you to play without the need to do any preparation, research, or study probabilities. Well, it would never hurt you to study probabilities of course.

Baccarat is another game that comes with its own cool addition, such as side bets, but also multiple versions, software and more all available for mobile gameplay as well!

Baccarat Games
Enjoy a French classic game that has lived on through the centuries. Today you can get access to the best Baccarat titles with one click.

Online Video Poker – Extremely High RTP

You will often see it on most lists of online casino games, but sometimes players get carried away and avoid talking about it.

Video poker has some of the best opportunities you have to win big.

The game relies on strategy and understanding more so than any chance, and there are Las Vegas players who have made comfortable living playing video poker.

Of course, the game is not a career and it should ultimately be for entertainment purposes only. Yet, most versions of video poker offer over 99.20% in potential return, and some, the best players say, could be even paying above 100% making for some guaranteed profit back.

Video Poker Games
Enjoy a title where the RTP will exceed 99% and you will have a great opportunity to beat the casino. See how in the section below.

Others Games to Consider

There are many other games to try, which may not hold the same prominent status in the casino space, but they come with some of the best odds as well as interesting game dynamic. Titles to try yourself include Pai Go Poker as well as Keno.

If you are a fan of dice games, then you should try Sic Bo, which is now available as a live dealer game as well, courtesy of Evolution Gaming.

Meanwhile, there is a way to think completely outside the box, you should try some of the crypto casinos out there, that will introduce a game-changing titles you are unlikely to have seen elsewhere.

Looking for even more casino games to try? Here is a list of specialist games you can find at online casinos:

Which Is Better? Real Money vs Free Play Games

You may still have doubts about whether to choose money games or free play games. We have put a short table to make up your mind right away. There are some pros and cons to both, so have a look.

Real Money or Free Play Games?

Real Money Free Play
Pros Pros
Great way to win money out of a hobby You get to access the same gameplay without any of the risk
Various bonuses to extend your gaming session Can play as long and as much as you want
A shot at big progressive jackpot games If you run out of credits, you can simply restart the game
Higher satisfaction when winning
Cons Cons
You can lose your entire bankroll You can’t win any real money this way
Real money play can be too addictive It can get a bit boring too soon

Casino Games FAQ

How can I play casino games? To play a casino game, all you need to do is find a trusted operator. All casinos would require you to register an account, but you can play without actually depositing any real money, thanks to the many free play options available for most games, and especially slots.
How do casino games work? All casino games work based on a special algorithm known as Random Number Generator. Thanks to this RNG tool, the games will produce randomized outcomes and help you get fair and honest outcomes when playing. The RNG is different to the gameplay, though, and it’s up to the developers to come up with engaging game mechanics.
What are the best online casino games? The best online casino games will depend on what you need specifically. Slots are very easy to get into. They have a very small betting limit and offer the best bonuses. Yet, whether you win depends purely on chance. Others, such as card and table games will give you more depth of the gameplay and possibly help you win bigger and better amounts.
What types of card and table games can I play online? There is no end to the games you can try online right now, when it involves card and table games specifically. There is hold’em poker, video poker, baccarat and blackjack. Other table games include roulette, sic bo, craps, pai go and various exclusive live showmanship options, such as Dream Catcher, Deal or No Deal, Monopoly and others.
What casino game has the best odds? Statistically, video poker gives you the best theoretical return, but this is only that – a theoretical return. By and large, all games available at an online casino will purely come down to the same thing – luck. In certain table games and card games, however, you can influence a lot of the gameplay to boost your winnings. Oppositely, slot games give you the least control over your bankroll.
Can I play novelty casino games online? Yes, there are plenty of games that are quite intuitive and allow you to enjoy completely different game scenarios. New ways the spins take place, additional bets, brand-new live games are all part of the continuous effort casino s have been putting in to make sure you have access to the best possible games online.