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Free spins have an instant appeal to players at online casinos. One of the most appealing things about them is, rather obviously, the ability to win free cash at no cost. There is a lot more to free spins than their title suggests, and players who aren’t familiar with the concept (or are only loosely in the know) may find some of the ins and outs of free spins rather critical reading. In this guide, we look at the basics of this highly sought-after bonus, how they are offered, how they work and what they can do for you.

If you’re ready to begin, let’s start with a general overview of free spin bonuses.

The Basics of Free Spin Bonuses

Players will no doubt have heard of free spins before. Any player who has tried their hand at an online slot will be well-versed in triggering free spin bonus rounds and getting to play a few spins for free, with all the special wilds and bonus features that they bring. However, free slot spins can also regularly be found as casino bonuses, and it is these that we are most interested in here.

There are a variety of occasions when free spin bonuses can be offered to players. They are commonly found in welcome packages which are offered to new players. Generally speaking, these free spin deals will allow a newbie to play a few free games and potentially win real money, in much the same way that they can inside an online slot when they are offered as a special feature.

Free spin bonuses can regularly be offered as loyalty deals, too. Players can earn these spins by playing their favorite casino games, and if they play particularly regularly, they may be treated to a bonus offer from the casino consisting of free games.

It is also possible to land free spin casino bonuses as weekly offers. Any casino which carries a Game of the Week promotion will likely offer free spins to players. Those spins can then be used to win real money, potentially as part of a tournament or competition.

How Do Free Spin Bonuses Work?

A free spin bonus will typically offer players a handful of free games. The number of spins you get is usually dependent on the welcome bonus offer, or potentially the kind of loyalty level you are at. Most offers tend to offer between 10 and 25 free games, although understandably, these limits may vary depending on many different factors.

Free spin bonuses are usually played at the base minimum rate for a slot (with all paylines active). So, if a 10-line slot offers free spins, each spin is likely to be played at $0.10 per spin. If there are 50 lines, then the free spin will be worth $0.50 a game, and so on, and so forth.

There may be a few limitations on your free spins, though, and it is worth paying attention to these. For instance, there may be caps on how much you can win with your free games. There may also be a time-limit attached, and if your free spins are not played within a certain time-frame, they become invalid. Lastly, players claiming many free spins as part of a welcome bonus may notice that they are not all immediately available. Indeed, casinos sometimes stagger their free game bonuses over several days and/or deposits.

It is also important to note when your free games bonus ends. If you are using your free games, you need to keep track of when you run out of them. Once you are out, it is likely that the game will allow you to continue to play, albeit with your own money. Players caught unaware could end up wagering real money on a game they intended to play for free.

Where can I Find Free Spin Casino Bonuses?

Most casinos tend to offer free spin bonuses in some way, shape or form. These bonuses often form welcome packages and loyalty deals as we’ve said. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to check out the wagering requirements of these bonuses before you claim them, as they will come with a playthrough rate like all casino bonuses.

If you need a helping hand, we cover the casino sites which offer the best free spin deals in our reviews. Take the time to check out our selection of reviews if you wish to find ideal casinos which offer the very best bonuses when it comes to free spins.

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