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Best 5 Casino Spas for a Weekend Break

  • Written By Samantha Browne
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We have all been a little shook by recent events, but this is no reason to deny ourselves the finer things in life. With the outbreak dying down the opportunity to plan new and exciting weekend getaways is back on the table. What better way to satisfy your senses than a quick trip to a casino near you and some of the best casino spas in the United States?

I have carefully studied TripAdvisor and Reddit to come up with a detailed and helpful guide to the best casino spas for a weekend break in the US today. Let us get started:

  1. Wynn Las Vegas: Best Value
  2. The Palazzo at The Venetian: Over 90 Treatment Rooms
  3. Harrah’s Resort Southern California: Excellent Facilities
  4. The Venetian Resort: The Most Praised
  5. Harrah’s Lake Tahoe: Neat Little Getaway

#1 Wynn Las Vegas: Best Value

Whether you are a couple looking for a romantic getaway or single and willing to treat yourself to a well-deserved rest, Wynn Las Vegas will offer an opportunity to enjoy both. The venue has a lot to offer to travelers and especially those who look for a moment’s quiet.

Image of a women getting a head massage at a spa - Wyn Las Vegas
Wynn Las Vegas has been rated the best valued casino spa in the US!

Everything at Wynn Las Vegas suggests luxe with top-of-the-range dining facilities, welcoming staff, impeccable quality, and gorgeous spas. Wynn is a land of carnal bliss where you can let yourself in expert hands and indulge in every whim and treat you have wished for.

The hotel features an excellent gym and spa facilities as well as healthy and delicious dining options. With 26,610 reviews, Wynn Las Vegas is the highest-ranked casino spa hotel in the United States. Booking a room for yourself is quite easy and you can choose from fantastic options that start at $111 a night. You can cancel for free at any time and expect top-notch service.

The spa product is on par with the high expectations Wynn Las Vegas sets out for itself. You will find the experience highly flexible with customizable treatment options available. You can choose from traditional and exotic therapies and massages or a hydrating collagen booster facial.

#2 The Palazzo at The Venetian: Over 90 Treatment Rooms

Next on the list, we have The Palazzo. Rated as one of the most delightful casino spa experiences by no fewer than 18,507 people, The Palazzo really stands tall in the ranking as one of the best venues whether you are looking to enjoy various procedures at the Canyon Ranch Spa or just walk to the casino floor and participate in any of the games there.

Image of a Woman getting a face mask at a spa
The Palazzo at The Venetian really does offer a great varity of treatments.

There is an exclusive VIP service with the casino treating you to a royal welcome with the staff. Visitors have not saved their superlatives for the property, often describing it as one of the best they have ever been to.

The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino offers guests free internet access as well as free parking, pool, fitness center and workout room, bar and lounge, and of course the spa. The venue can be quite entertaining whatever the experience is that you are after.

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or want to keep things strictly business, you will find the Palazzo at The Venetian perfectly suited to your needs. Canyon Ranch® spa is indeed one of the best facilities you will find that offers spa procedures.

The property has over 150 unique services and the spa center itself sprawls on 134,000 square feet, offering over 90 treatment rooms and genuinely being probably the best spa experience that you can enjoy in the United States.

#3 Harrah’s Resort Southern California: Excellent Facilities

Las Vegas is not the only place that has great escape venues to offer. Harrah’s Resort Southern California is another spa and casino resort that ranks very high on TripAdvisor, praised by over 13,626 guests who have been delighted by the quality of the service.

Image of a Women relaxing at a spa Harrah's Resort
Rest and reset at the excellent facilities at Harrah’s Resort, Southern CA.

Great music and fabulous spa facilities keep coming up in the many reviews that visitors of the casino hotel have left to those who are still deciding whether it’s worth booking a trip. All kids can stay for free and for the adults looking for entertainment options, the bar and casino are always available.

The dining options are once again one of the highlights here, offering healthy and delectable dishes cooked to any budget and taste. The spa will offer you a chance to forget all about your stressful daily life.

On 11,000 square feet, guests can find relaxation lounges and spa staples such as saltwater baths, a full-service salon, cedar lunar saunas, and over a dozen treatment rooms. 

#4 The Venetian Resort: The Most Praised

The Venetian is the sister hotel to the Palazzo and just like its sibling, it offers visitors a unique, satisfying feeling. The resort has been reviewed over 30,469 times by satisfied customers who have ranked it 4.5/5.00, a true star property in the American landscape for entertainment and well-being facilities.

Image of three women chatting - Venetian resort Spa
The Venetian Resort is one of the most praised casion spas!

Styled after Venice itself, the resort has many attractions to offer, and not least the Gondolas rides that sinuously make their way through the place. There is The Dorsey, a bar that you can visit and enjoy the elegant and luxurious nightlife.

The resort offers over 160 shops and great places to dine, drink, and have a healthy exercise. The hotel’s interior is rich, spacious, and light, transporting you into a baroque luxury that you will hardly be able to have enough of. Meanwhile, the casino is well-stocked, inviting you to games of poker, slots, table games, and more. Just like its sister hotel, the Venetian shares the Canyon Ranch® spa experience with the Palazzo.

#5 Harrah’s Lake Tahoe: Neat Little Getaway

Harrah’s Lake Tahoe is another venue you may want to include on your itinerary. TripAdvisor has given the venue a sterling 4.00/5.00 rating, with a particularly high rating for cleanliness, service, and location. There are VIP room facilities for those who want to treat themselves to a little more luxury and you can enjoy all expected amenities, including a fitness center, workout room, and more.

Image of Spa Equipement - Harrah Lake Tahoe
Harrah’s Lake Tahoe is a great little get away

The resort naturally features casino and gambling experiences, which will supplement your stay. But, if you are at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe for the spa, then you will want to know a little more about that. You can enjoy all sorts of services at Harrah’s spa, too. There will be massages, facials, and various body treatments, including seaweed wraps, revitalizing and therapeutic procedures.

Whatever it is you are looking for you will find it at Harrah’s. Over 6,200 visitors gave the property the highest rating.

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