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7 Best Christmas Gifts for Casino Lovers

  • Written By Samantha Browne
  • Edited
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The festive season is here yet again and even though lots of things have gone quite badly in 2020, there are still some ways of making your friends and your loved ones happy. So, if you are here reading this article then your loved ones or people you know love casino games. You are therefore probably wondering what to get them this holiday season.

Well, you have come to the right place. There are several different kinds of gifts that you can get for Christmas and I am going to help you narrow down some of the best ones.

Let’s begin:

Trips to A Casino

Best Gifts for Casino Lovers - Casino Trip

For many casino lovers, this is the ultimate gift. However, considering all that is going on at the moment with the coronavirus pandemic, finding great casino destinations that are open can be very hard. Thankfully, with a vaccine already available and several measures being pursued to make these venues safer to visit, it will not be long till everything returns to normal. So, even if they are not able to make the trip now, tickets for a future casino trip will be a great gift for casino lovers.

A Slot Machine Replica

Best Gifts for Casino Lovers - Slot Machine Replica

As mentioned above, visiting a retail gambling facility might be a bit of a hard sell even for casino lovers. So, instead of insisting on a trip to the casino, you can try to bring the casino experience to them by buying a slot machine for them to play. Slot machines are pretty pricey and any casino lover who receives this will be mind-blown and probably be extremely elated by that gesture.

If you want an authetic slots machine then Gamblers Oasis USA has plently. If you want a cheaper options below are great choices:

Casino Equipment for Casino Parties

Best Gifts for Casino Lovers - Casino Games for Home

Even before the pandemic, casino home games were a pretty big deal among casino lovers. Not only does this offer the perfect opportunity for them to enjoy gaming action without leaving the comforts of their homes but also lets them enjoy the fun alongside friends and family. Some casino equipment to make the experience better for them will therefore make an awesome Christmas gift. The beauty of this is that a single set of equipment can be an amazing gift for more than one person.

Here is a list of great home casino equipement:

Personalized Poker Chips

Best Gifts for Casino Lovers - Custom Poker Chips

If your loved one or friend happens to be a poker enthusiast and regular player, a set of personalized poker chips would make the perfect gift for them. These are a great way of adding some flair to any poker gaming event and elevating the experience during a poker night. With so many companies offering customization options for poker chips, these should also not be too hard to scout for. Just make sure that you make them special.

Check out this list for a quick jump into personalized poker chips:

Custom Playing Cards

Best Gifts for Casino Lovers - Custom Playing Cards

Lots of people still play card games which makes a deck of cards a great gift for casino lovers. It should, however, not just be any deck of cards. Customized cards are, without a doubt, one of the best options when you are scouting for a gift that a casino lover will love. However, there is also the option of looking out for special edition or vintage cards that have some kind of value that casino lovers will appreciate. There are lots of companies that currently allow you to customize playing cards and make them truly stand out from any other.

Here is a list of some great sites for custom playing cards:

Casino Merchandise

Best Gifts for Casino Lovers - Casino Merchandise

Sometimes, the perfect gift for a casino love does not have to be something that will be used at the gaming tables. It can be as simple as something that reminds them of an amazing casino experience or even portrays their favorite gambling-related phenomena. Great options include a painting of the best casino films, a lighter with casino chips embossed on it, or even a bracelet for ‘good luck.’  There are limitless options in this case since you can blend lots of things while designing the gift.

Below is a list of some fun RedBubble casino items to get you started:

Reading or Education Material

Best Gifts for Casino Lovers - Knowledge

Yes. That is right. Even casino lovers need to rack up some knowledge about casino gambling. A great gift would be one that helps them to become even better players. Currently, there are a lot of great reads detailing tips and strategies for games like poker, baccarat, roulette, and even blackjack among other casino games. Books aside, you can also get them subscriptions to online resource services such as Poker Masterclasses by poker pros.

Hopefully this list has given you plenty of choice when it comes to getting gifts for your casino lover. Happy Hoildays!

Samantha has a passion for all things casino, especially for the development in new slots games and technology. She has a background in psychology and loves to study strategies behind gambling in her spare time.