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Top 5 Video Game Casinos

  • Written By Kevin Parker
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As it turns out, you needn’t go to Las Vegas to make your next big bet, or turn an errant wager into a big and well-deserved payout for that matter. You can do this playing your favorite video game instead.

And while you might think that gambling in a video game is definitely not things that go well together, just wait until you have arrived to Los Santos, the fictional world of GTA Online or the war-ravished Fallout New Vegas.

Or, you can be a lone gunman in the Wild West, thanks to Red Dead Redemption. The honest truth is gambling in games is fun and it’s completely new.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 video games that feature casinos where you can spend your digital currency, go broke and LOVE IT.

Welcome to Los Santos and GTA Online

Los Santos is the fictional city of Grand Theft Auto Online, an iconic franchise developed by Rockstar Games.

And the Diamond Casino & Resort featured in the game just bagged the award for the best expansion of the year thanks to the latest update focusing on the casino.

GTA 5 Casino
Los Santos’ Iconic Diamond Casino – Roulette Table. Credit: Rockstar Games.

With its glitz and glamor, the Diamond Casino has proven the single-most exciting aspect of the game, setting the bar high for any developer who wants to introduce gambling in their game.

While, you may think that allowing gambling within a game is not necessarily a good thing, Rockstar Games have made sure that all you can gamble is the in-game currency, earned by leading a notorious lifestyle with your character.

‘We went out of cash and rushed to an ATM to withdraw another $100,000,’ a couple shared on Twitter. ‘Thank god none of this is real,’ they added in relief.

Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar Games definitely hold the first place for one of the most innovative developers and their ability to incorporate various experience within their games.

Red Dead Redemption Poker
A game of poker in the wild west. Credit: Rockstar Games

Red Dead Redemption – the story of outlaws and sheriffs – is another work considered a magnus opus by many.

While nobody has time to sit down and spend hours at a casino for fun, your avatar will always find an opportunity to play several rounds of Texas Hold’em in the course of normal gameplay.

And this being a story of outlaws, you can always try and cheat, but watch out for if an opponent sniffs you out – you will have to fight your way the old-fashioned way – by using your gun.

Fallout New Vegas

It seems that a nuclear apocalypse wasn’t enough to snuff mankind’s appetite for a good gamble.

In this spinoff of the popular Fallout Series, Obsidian Entertainment introduce players to the treacherous terrain of New Vegas, a dystopian city where life is barely surviving.

Fallout New Vegas
Vegas in a dystopian future. Credit: Obsidian Entertainment

And for all the travails its citizens have gone through, the neon lights have not quite gone out.

There is no state regulator anymore, so watch out as these casinos are there for one sole purpose only – to cheat you out of your money.

New Vegas’ landscapes are mesmerizing and while the apocalypse is all around you, you cannot turn down an opportunity to enter one of the (un)welcoming establishments and cash out.

What do you have to lose? It’s the apocalypse after all.

The Witcher

The Witcher is an interesting title and no – gambling isn’t really the main part of it. The main character in the game is a tormented half-human who roams the world and performs his own way of exorcism.

Witcher Gwent
Geralt is always down for a game of Gwent. Credit: CD Projekt Red

The one that takes a giant sword to finish.

Born from the imagination of Polish authors Andrzej Sapkowski and Przemysław Truściński there have been multiple spinoffs to the franchise.

Netflix has released a show based on the story of Geralt, the main character in the novels and naturally – the game.

Meanwhile, CD Projekt, has taken the built-in card game known as Gwent and have developed it as a standalone trade card game.

And you may think to yourself – just how is this an actual casino? Well, some of the best poker players out there do love trade card games and Gwent is definitely a highly-competitive one.

True, you needn’t stake actual money or win back any hard currency out of this, but it’s a fun title to try nevertheless!

The Sims 3

There is just so many things wrong with The Sims. Unlike any other family out there, The Sims’ lives are subject to the whimsy of an overlord – the player.

Sims 3 Casino
The Sims reality always has something new to try. Credit: Studio Maxis & EA

Sometimes the invisible guiding hand will be benevolent, but on some occasions, there will be a maverick up to all sorts of mischiefs, making the family’s lives a series of unfortunate events.

To make things even more realistic, the developers have introduced a casino expansion where you can test various familiar experiences.

Whether you are into slots, blackjack or poker, the Lucky Simoleon Casino has it all! Keen to have a go at it yourself?

You go right ahead.

Final Fantasy VIII

One of the most iconic genres and Japanese video games, Final Fantasy VIII has its own very modest experience with gambling. As you travel true the fantasy-inspired world, you will encounter a modest gambling game. Triple Triad uses a 3×3 grid and differently colored cards. The objective is quite simple – beat your opponents to the punch by placing all your cards in the grid.

Final Fantasy 8 Card Game
Order the cards before your opponent. Credit: Square

This may not be the same as playing in Las Vegas, but it’s interesting to see how games of chance seep into the mainstream video gaming industry.

A Big Draw for Millennials

Why video games?

You definitely know the answer – Millennials. The casino industry, from Las Vegas to New Jersey is becoming fully cognizant of the simple fact that gambling, in its traditional form, doesn’t quite live up to customers’ expectations.

That’s why gambling companies are now looking to the gaming industry and what video game franchises work.  

In fact, many traditional gambling hubs are now hosting various events related to competitive video gaming, pulling a young and vibrant audience.

What will the future bring – nobody really knows.

Meanwhile, why don’t you head over to Los Santos or walk the beaten-down roads of New Vegas and just maybe hit one of the casino establishments there?

Kevin was raised on sports since a young teen and following a (fortunate) injury pursued new hobbies in table games such as Blackjack and Poker. Since 2009 Kevin has been writing for casino sites for various big names in the industry and CasinoSites.us is but one of his latest passion projects.