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5 Exciting Things to Try During the Coronavirus Quarantine

  • Written By Kevin Parker
  • Edited
  • Reading 6 minutes

Every once in a while, a pandemic breaks out. Its scope and intensity are a matter of chance and how quick the world responds to it. The good news is we can all contribute in the fight against a deadly disease that threatens are loved ones. While self-isolation might look like too much of a sacrifice, that’s probably because you haven’t been told of all the exciting things you can be doing at home right now.

Whether it’s the coronavirus forcing you to coop up or some unknown disease, don’t beat yourself up. We live in exciting times when our collective knowledge not only guarantees the survival of our species against diseases, but also ensures that we are having fun while riding this thing out. Here are five exciting things you could be doing right now!

1. Can’t Go Out? Go Virtual Reality!

The first suggestion is of course quite intuitive. If you can’t go out, this is definitely not an issue. The outside will come to you. Now, this is probably not what the Prophet meant in arguing that the mountain wouldn’t come to him.

Virtual Reality During Lockdown
Explore the world from the comfort of your own home!

Yet, virtual reality is quite accessible and if you wanted a mountain bang in the middle of your living room, you could have. VR doesn’t judge – it obliges. There are tons of cool games you can experience in virtual reality today as well.

Steam, a popular digital marketplace, is packed to the brink with games that will guarantee you some great time inside. Not have the gear for it? Don’t worry, placing an online order for a quality headset and purchasing a great VR title is all a matter of a few minutes’ work.

Not sure which VR kit is right for you? We have a handy blog just for this right here – Top 10 VR Kits.

2. Become a Master Chef

Cooking is a daunting, time-consuming task, but one that can have such positive health and financial benefits. Most people avoid cooking by a rule of thumb, but you must have at least caught a glimpse of Master Chef and Gordon Ramsey beeping off on account of cussing too much.

Cooking can be intense and it most certainly is exciting. You can turn anything into your home into a delicious dish with just a bit of creativity and some zeal.

Try Cooking During Coronavirus Lockdown
Become a Master Chef!

As it turns out, preparing salivating dishes is all a matter of spending some time studying the ingredients, throwing in a few well-timed pinches of spice and uttering the occasional curse word all for good measure.

You don’t have to be an irate Englishman to be successful at cooking, though, so don’t worry about that.

3. Don’t Kill the Family – Play Games with Them

Now, you love your parents or partner, but too much is just too much. Don’t worry. There are great ways to use your time with others as you can play games – and quite a few of those. There are various board games you can get your hands on.

Playing Boardgames and Card games during Coronavirus Lockdown
Spend the time with the family with Board and Card games!

Some are more exciting; others will require some studying. If you are all caught up with friends and isolating with them, you might spice things up and we don’t’ mean cooking. You can play exciting if somewhat embarrassing adult party card games.

There are a lot of cool ones you can actually get your hands on, such as Cards Against Humanity, Joking Hazard and even Strip Poker if you are in the right company. You can always kick up the level of excitement by tapping into to other cool adult games that use dark humor and saucy remarks.

4. Play at an Online Casino

At a time when most hobbies seem to become mundane rather too quickly, you can still excite yourself. True, you can’t hop to the nearest casino and socialize with your friends – assuming you are a casino-goer – but online casinos are a viable alternative.

Besides, there are quite a few options you can try. These online casinos allow you to dive into a whole world of animated gaming whether that’s a slot game, a table title – such as roulette or blackjack, video poker, or perhaps even a live casino. Here is a list of the best US online casinos to play on.

Online Casinos during Coronavirus Lockdown
Try your hand at the online casinos!

With most land-based casinos shutting down due to the outbreak and 100% gaming venues closed down, online casinos are indeed a viable alternative to frequenting a gaming hall yourself.

The live casino is one particular way to satiate your appetite for real-life gaming fun, although all live dealers are taking the necessary precautions to work in conditions that promote safety.

On the plus side, land-based casinos are now realizing the need to shift their focus on the Internet segment – they should have done so sooner. But don’t worry. You are not a casino. You are here to have fun and so you will!

5. Pick a New Skill

There is virtually no limit to the activities you can do at home, especially when it comes to picking new skills. How exciting these activities are, will depend entirely on you. You can start working out more actively or perhaps learning a new language.

Or why not even picking up your electric guitar and really giving it a hard try this time? There are hardly any limitations as long as you have a bit of room at home and an idea to try something out.

Playing Video games during Coronavirus Lockdown
Whether its multiplier or a Solo RPG adventure try Video Games!

Some people would find reading exciting. Others would just watch Netflix or HBO, binging heavily on their favorite shows. Many people would find it exciting to just be home, shake off the fact they have to attend work and enjoy the low workload.

Of course, there are some financial concerns to address as well, and this is understandable. Yet, the added benefits of being able to gorge yourself on great food, watch your favorite show and staying safe at home are really hard to overlook.

You can revel in pretty much any activity. Staying home is great. Speaking of new skills, you might even teach yourself a video game – yes, something as exciting as that. In fact, there is growing evidence that in time of self-isolation, video gaming could be one of the best reliefs and ways to overcome depression.

Why not give it a shot? All it takes is logging in!

Kevin was raised on sports since a young teen and following a (fortunate) injury pursued new hobbies in table games such as Blackjack and Poker. Since 2009 Kevin has been writing for casino sites for various big names in the industry and CasinoSites.us is but one of his latest passion projects.