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Clarion Events and the National Indian Gaming Association Strike a Partnership

  • Written By Kevin Parker
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The Indian gaming industry has been pivotal in driving India’s economic growth. Many people have secured jobs, and the government can also get its revenue courtesy of the gaming sector.

The Tribal gaming sector has also been contributing significant revenue to the government. It’s good news that Clarion Events and the National Indian Gaming Association have announced a strategic partnership.

The two have come together mainly to support and protect Tribal gaming. They also aim to grow their brands through the new step. The move will see the duo grow to greater heights.

How Will the Partnership Work?

Clarion Events has expertise in organizing trade shows and events. The company will organize conferences and events to grow NIGA’s annual Indian tradeshow and convention through the long-term partnership.

IGA’s reach across various channels has not been massive in the past. Thanks to the partnership, Clarion events will use its Multiplatform ICE brand to grow NIGA’S reach across the channels.

The two partners have put forth their effort to grow the gaming sector.

Their events and multi-platform have enabled them to deliver content and breakthrough technologies. Clarion Events recognizes the steps Tribal gaming has been taking in transforming the gaming community.

As the 11th largest employer in the United States according to Collective rankings in 2019, Tribal gaming, a $35 Billion industry, managed to generate an additional $6.2 Billion in gambling revenue. It did that through hotels, entertainment, restaurants, and retail operations.

The Indian Tradeshow and convention alongside NIGAs tradeshow are remarkable occasions in the event calendar. The conference held in July was massive despite the presence of Covid 19. It was an in-person occasion with numbers matching the pre-pandemic events. It hosted various industry suppliers, tribal leaders, and gaming operators.

California City will be the next host of the next show, which will be from April 19-22 in Anaheim.

According to Clarion, Chairman Earnie Stevens, Jr, Tribal gaming is a massive force that needs support. Before the pandemic became a major issue, the sector was on a growing curve for about ten years.

NIGA’s President Ernie Stevens Jr also confessed that Clarion’s vision of catering to destination events is the reason behind their togetherness. He also added that they are managing the gaming industry and everything surrounding it.

What Does the Future Hold?

The strategic partnership will see Clarion Events and NIGA grow by conducting events that offer a significant impact. The business relationship between the two has been effective, and long-term plans are underway to expand it further.

With this, we can expect more visitors and exhibitors at their shows and an increase in attendees. The pandemic has not stopped the gaming industry from growing, and this partnership will see it reach greater heights.

The partnership between NIGA and Clarion Events has been long overdue. The two have a lot to offer each other, and with the current pandemic issues, their partnership will be more beneficial to both parties. It’s a win-win for both tribal gaming and Clarion Events.

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