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Spillemyndigheden Launches New Ad Campaign to Tackle Problem Gambling

  • Written By Kevin Parker
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The Danish gaming watchdog, Spillemyndigheden, is launching a fresh campaign intended at protecting players from gambling harm, and specifically aiding problem gamblers. The campaign will focus on the StopSpillet initiative designed to help gambling addicts find help and stop indulging in destructive gaming habits.

The initiative was originally launched in January 2019, and StopSpillet has received nearly 700 calls from individuals who are struggling with managing their gaming habits. As per the new advertisement, named ‘Pokerfjæs,’ viewers will follow the lives of three people, a mother, a father, and a footballer.

As the 30-segment video unfolds, there will be a voiceover with close relatives and family friends of the characters of the video, sharing their thoughts about the individuals’ gambling issues.

The regulator is determined to show how gambling addiction can be overcome with the help of StopSpillet. The tagline of the campaign is ‘If you can’t say it out loud you can tell us,’ inviting trust and presenting StopSpillet as a confidential service where everyone can receive help.

Individuals affected by gambling addiction will also be able to chat with experts, instead of calling directly, if they feel more comfortable with this form of interaction.

H2 Nordic Countries Are Exemplary Gaming Markets

Denmark has been one of the exemplary countries in Europe, upholding some of the strictest gaming regulations, with a specific focus on gambling addiction. The country has taken multiple measures to ensure that consumers are protected.

The national lottery introduced an ID card as a form of verification to ensure that underage individuals are not involved with any gambling products. Meanwhile, the market has kept growing over the months in 2019, generating $237.8 million in Q3 2019.

Admittedly, this was a slightly subdued result comparing, but it still showed the strength of a highly-regulated market, which has nevertheless been able to secure expansion and growth. Denmark also accepts partnerships with betting companies and sport teams, with the regulator being able to oversee such campaigns.

Sweden also legalized its industry on January 1 2019 and the country has been doing well so far. Even though the Spelinspektionen, Sweden’s regulator, has issued multiple warnings to operators in the country, the gaming market has been developing well.

Similar to Denmark, Sweden is one of the more heavily regulated markets in Europe, with the emphasis being on protecting consumers. Unlike other places, including the United Kingdom, Spelinspektionen doesn’t allow any promotional materials past the sign-up bonus.

Europe is caught between an expanding gaming market as well as sterner and sometimes purposefully restrictive regulations. Spain and Italy are both growing, for example, but the governments are planning to restrict the reach of online gambling advertisement.

Denmark has chosen not to be as restrictive, but the country equally puts more care into aiding problem gamblers than most counterparts across Europe.

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