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Slotegrator’s Novel Progress Bar to Enhance Player Casino Adventures

  • Written By Richard Tousignant
  • Edited
  • Reading 3 minutes

There is exciting news on the horizon for those individuals who are passionate about gambling online. Slotegrator, a leading developer of iGaming software solutions, has introduced an innovative component to its whole online casino platform. That is its new progressive bar. This new, high-tech feature is what the company is the answer to increasing players’ interest and motivation in all kinds of online games.

How Will That Work?

Think about it this way: Your attention is entirely focused on the game you are playing at the online casino, but you are constantly wondering how close you are to the big win. You do not have to speculate. In your pursuit of excellence, it can serve as a constant driving force.

This progressive bar is easy to find and utilize by its constant visibility, which is its defining characteristic. You can see your bonus history, quests, loyalty or experience levels, tournament rankings, and other relevant statistics without having to go through a maze of submenus. With that your progress can always be available at a glance, allowing you to fine-tune your strategy and turn little wins into major ones.

“It demonstrates to players all their wins and tracks everything he has accomplished. Also, it helps to correct their strategy on the way to victory. All data is grouped, so the player can track all the activities quickly and well-timed. The Slotegrator team is convinced that it is a new level of player care.”

Dmytro Taran, COO at Slotegrator

Slotegrator has seamlessly integrated this innovative feature into the ‘My progress’ widget in the lobby. That means within the online casino platform that you have selected, this multipurpose information widget may be easily be available on the header, the sidebar, or any page.


Two fundamental essentials echo throughout the world of online casinos and video games: variety and novelty. Slotegrator confirms this, explaining how these features keep players interested, improve their time spent gambling, and provide openings to investigate uncharted areas of the online casino world.

The comprehensive online casino solution offered by Slotegrator exemplifies a user-centric approach, satisfying the needs of both casino owners and their discriminating customers. They offer an unwavering commitment to preserving balance, which helps to ensure that players experience a gameplay atmosphere that is both unique and engaging. Luckily, when Slotegrator demonstrates its turnkey online casino solution, you may try out this revolutionary new feature for yourself even before it becomes widely available.

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