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Evolution Unveils VIP Games for High Rollers With BCLC

Live casino pioneer Evolution has partnered with Canada’s British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) to launch not one, but two thrilling, high-stakes live tables. For the first time, online gamers in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan have access to Evolution’s VIP Blackjack and VIP Baccarat tables thanks to this groundbreaking partnership. These VIP games, broadcast live from Evolution’s state-of-the-art Vancouver studio, are sure to keep gamers fascinated with their lavish atmosphere and gripping gameplay.

The range of live casino games and game shows that can be played on BCLC’s PlayNow.com platform is already very remarkable, and now it will be much more so with the addition of Evolution’s VIP tables.

Players may choose from a wide variety of betting sites, including lotteries, casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, bingo halls, and instant win games. It is undeniable proof that Evolution is dedicated to delivering entertainment of the highest possible caliber.

Evolution’s North American CCO, Jeff Millar, is ecstatic with the partnership’s development so far. He reflected on BCLC’s five-year history as a pioneering live casino studio in Canada and its importance to Evolution’s development. Evolution’s partnership with BCLC has expanded since then, laying the groundwork for this impressive achievement.

The State-of-the-Art Studio

With a massive 16,000 square feet, Evolution’s Vancouver studio was constructed with BCLC’s live casino services in mind. The studio has expanded greatly over the years, first providing just Live Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat, and now providing a far wider variety of games and employing more people than ever before. With that, it propels local job possibilities and creates income to support provincial programs in British Columbia, all while establishing BCLC as a leader in the gaming entertainment industry.

VIP Black Jack and Baccarat are only the beginning for Evolution. They’ve also added VIP variations of European and French roulette to provide high-rollers with more gaming alternatives. Exciting live casino action is replicated here but with bigger betting limits and a focus on catering to high-rollers.

VIP games from Evolution have been joined by a new quick ticket game from BCLC, based on the popular board game Ticket to Ride. Playing this game allows you to earn up to $50,000 as you explore the Canadian rail system. Designed in tandem with Pollard Banknote, this game nails the feel of playing on a tabletop while adding the excitement of winning big.

The thrills are sure to continue thanks to Evolution’s high-roller games and BCLC’s growing selection of offerings. To sum it up, when these two titans of gaming work together, they create moments unlike any other and we cannot wait to see what springs up in the future.

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