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Roblox Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Underage Gambling

  • Written By Kevin Parker
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Roblox Corp., the company behind the widely-played Roblox game, is in the middle of a contentious legal fight after worried parents claimed the site was luring their children into illegal gambling. The complaint, which was first brought forward by Rachel Colvin and Danielle Sass, has now been submitted properly to the US District Court. Violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) and the alleged improper use of the booming gaming sector seem to be at the heart of the dispute.

Problems stem from players abusing Robux, Roblox’s virtual currency. Users may play for free, however, the best features need Robux, which requires linking a credit card to the user’s account or by buying gift cards.

The ease with which minors (a stunning 62% of gamers are under the age of 16) may get and use Robux for purchases, frequently using their parents’ credit cards, rounds out the core component of the claims. Each Robux has a physical worth of $0.0125. They then proceed to access gambling websites that are not part of the Roblox ecosystem. The users can link their Robux wallets to these gambling platforms, enabling Roblox to monitor electronic transactions.

Notably, there is no way to check a user’s age on these sites. Satozuki Limited B.V. and Studs Entertainment Ltd. are only two examples of well-known third parties with a hand in enabling these deals.

Even More Concerns

While these financial transactions are a part of the complaint, it involves much more. According to the plaintiffs, Roblox encourages kids to advocate illegal gambling by rewarding users on other platforms like TikTok for promoting such sites. This would seem to be in contradiction to Roblox’s own terms and conditions, which categorically exclude the company’s promotion of any kind of online gambling.

According to the complaint, the company’s business model depends on its acceptance of wagers placed on external gaming sites that use real money.

In the previous year, the company was accused of engaging in misleading marketing techniques, which resulted in a complaint being filed with the Federal Trade Commission by the organization Truth in Media. One of the allegations is that there is a blurring of the lines between adverts and genuine content inside games.

Roblox’s Stand

Roblox has responded by emphasizing its attempts to prevent Robux from being an avenue for gambling. Even though the corporation claims to be working on a solution, they have under scrutiny about why sites like BloxFlip are still up and running two years after they first launched.

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