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New Jersey’s DGE Hits Borgata Casino with Forfeiture Requests

  • Written By Samantha Browne
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Borgata Casino, located in Atlantic City, New Jersey, faces four sets of forfeiture requests by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE). The requests were prompted by the casino’s lack of compliance with gambling laws.

According to a report by the DGE, 431 individuals failed to produce enough identification documents needed to gamble at the casino. The DGE reached this number of gamblers after 21 individuals were scraped from the list.

The investigation goes back to 24th June 2021. Other dates that needed probing were 25th June and 5th August 2021.   

Borgata Casino Takes on the Claims

Borgata Casino did not argue against any of these claims. The DGE issued a fine of $76,557 to the casino and gave findings indicating customers broke the rules while at the gambling venue.

According to the DGE, the casino allowed a total of 125 individuals on 24th June 2021 to gamble on site without providing adequate identification documents. Moreover, some gamblers had previously abandoned assets or were initially prohibited from partaking in gambling activities. This resulted in a $28,624.79 fine issued by the DGE.

On 25th June of the same year, a similar case occurred. Borgata confiscated $35,793.30 from individuals totaling 113. These individuals failed to provide IDs, were on a prohibited list of gamblers or abandoned certain assets. This incident will cost Borgata $20,543.05.

On the same day (25th June), the DGE made a second forfeiture request of $22,335.99. Borgata seized this money from individuals who did not meet the same legal requirements as stipulated above on 24th June.

In the final complaint on 5th August 2021, the DGE sought out a $5,123.17 forfeiture. Borgata Casino confiscated the same amount from 92 individuals who did not meet the set requirements.    

Issuance of Permits by the DGE

It was not all gloom for the Borgata casino. The DGE gave alcohol permits to the casino. One permit allowed for alcoholic beverage testing for an event (Plant Powered Plates) meant to take place on 29th January 2022.   

The DGE issued another alcohol permit for another event called A Salute to Lionel Richie. This event took place at Old Homestead restaurant on 14th January 2022.

The DGE’s Long List of Fines

This is not the first time the DGE issued fines to Borgata Casino. In November and December 2021, the fines were based on the same reasons; lack of enough identification documents, prohibited gaming and abandonment of assets. Fines for these two months totaled $22,221.46.

In July, a professional poker player sued Borgata Casino.

Other cases include:

  • Caesars Digital Sportsbook faced a $1,000 civil penalty on 6th January 2022. The sportsbook reopened an account previously closed due to a gambling problem. The sportsbook agreed to a $1,605 disgorgement, an amount similar to Caesars win from the patron. 
  • The DGE fined Ocean Casino Resort $10,000 in December 2021. The casino employed a ticket writer with invalid employee registration.
  • In November 2021, FanDuel was fined $2,000 for offering an unlicensed event posing as an approved casino game.

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