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Pennsylvania Looking to Expand Video Gambling in Bars

  • Written By Kevin Parker
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A Senate panel has been presented with a new proposal that outlines the possible expansion of video gaming terminals to taverns, bars and social clubs in Pennsylvania. The issue has been the subject of some intense debating between various lobbyists who have been pushing for new gaming solutions, including video-game style devices and games of skill in the state.

The proponents of games of skills and excluding those from the category of “game of chance” have been vociferous to say the least. Previously in 2014, a Beaver County judge said that skill games are actually legal, prompting lobbyists to obtain an approval from the Commonwealth Court.

Should Senate Bill 1256 clear Senate, Pennsylvania will soon see games of skill flood casinos and other authorized establishes in a first such experiment for the United States. Las Vegas has floated the idea to introduce skill-based games but the idea hasn’t stuck too much with traditional operator or visitors for that matter.

However, SB 1256, proposed by Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman is facing some opposition. According to lawmakers and industry leaders who are against the bill, SB 1256 may effectively have an adverse effect, “killing the skill-based games industry” instead.

In the meantime, state taverns have welcomed the move, seeing in it an ability to improve their declining revenues amid the novel coronavirus lockdown.

In Other News This Week

MGM Resorts Outlines Plans to Rise $750M in New Debt

On Thursday, MGM Resorts International announced plans to raise new debt to the tune of $500 million, but following on that figure later throughout the day and arguing that it would look to add $750 in new funds instead.

According to MGM Resorts, the financial operation ought to be finalized by Tuesday. The new funds will be used for corporate purposes, MGM Resorts informed. At the end of June, MGM already had $11.4 billion in outstanding debt.

Despite the growing debt, though, MGM has been pushing in new markets with confidence. BetMGM has already rolled out its operations in Indiana, Colorado and West Virginia, extending MGM’s footprint significantly.

Wynn Resorts Pushing Ahead with Big Entertainment in Las Vegas

With Las Vegas long crippled amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Wynn Resorts has become the first operator, along with Las Vegas Sands Corp. to test big entertainment back to the city. Wynn is going to host events outdoors so as to minimize any risks associated with the transmittance of the virus.

Wynn is planning on several live performances which will feature $14 million worth of animatronic characters. The company has taken special care to design a new type of entertainment that considers the difficulties put forward by the current pandemic. Part of the new offer includes “The Lady Birds,” which are 8.5-ton and 28-foot-tall devices that look like toucans and peahens.

Wynn is adding the “Lake of Dreams” show in an open-air environment and patios for viewing. MGM Resorts International was one of the companies to be the most heavily impacted by shutdowns, as MGM operates activities in both Macau and the United States.

Earlier this week, Las Vega Corporation hosted a conference designed to test safety plans and whether business events can go back to normal.

Pennsylvanian District Judge in Trouble over Gambling

A Chester County Magisterial District judge has reportedly siphoned off $4,000 from his reelection campaign to fuel a gambling habit. According to Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Michael J. Cabry III, 59, had used the amount to play at various casinos in Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Shapiro said that Judge Cabry III had broken public trust and undermined the institution he represented. As a result of the case, Chester County President Judge John L. Hall has stripped Judge Cabry III from his duties and barred him from entering the courthouse.

According to the accusation, Judge Cabry III misused funds in November 2017 when he was the sole candidate for the position. Investigators saw reimbursements from Delaware Park Casino, Dover Downs Casino, and Bally’s Resort & Casino as well as hotels near the casino properties.

Planet Hollywood Returns to Las Vegas Post-Lockdown

One of the most iconic Las Vegas properties has returned back for business. Open on 10 a.m. on Thursday, Planet Hollywood Resort has been shut down for close to seven months due to complications with the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

The hotel operates limited capacity, accepting reservations only from Thursday through Sunday. The gaming floor, though, remains open seven days a week. Visitors have access to the flagship amenities available at Planet Hollywood resort, including the William Hill sportsbook, Gordon Ramsay Burger, Heart Bar, Extra Lounge, Cafe Hollywood and others.

The Roulette Wheels Will Spin in Massachusetts Casinos Again

Positive news comes from Massachusetts. The state regulator, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, has approved the reopening of table games, and specifically roulette. Previously, the regulator said that it would not consider table games until such a time that health and safety standards can be met.

The time is finally here, and Massachusetts will see the roulette ball spin at several high-profile properties, including MGM Springfield, Encore Boston Harbor, and other worthwhile properties in the state.

“We have worked with them to identify health and safety measures that could be implemented with roulette and in doing so we tried to hew closely to the measures that the commission already approved for the blackjack-style games,” said Loretta Lillios, interim chief at the MGC Investigations and Enforcement Bureau.

MGM International Praised for Green Initiative

Slashing carbon emissions has become a key objective to many industry leaders in the casino business with MGM Resorts International the latest company to be praised for its efforts in reducing its environmental impact.

According to a new report by Solar Means Business, MGM International now ranks as one of the most responsible brands out there, cognizant of climate changes and committed to try and help climate cool off. MGM has been investing in various renewable sources of energy and making efforts to slash waste and boost reusable solutions.

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